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Logins for RACP Web sites have changed

The College has adopted web Single Sign On (SSO1) across all our web applications. To achieve this, we have had to move away from user selected login names to using your College MIN 2 or the Primary Email address3 you have provided us.

This allows unique logins across the Membership which in turn will help us ensure that the access granted to you is appropriate for your needs and your interaction with your colleagues and College services.

If you have previously provided us with a Primary Email address you can use the Retrieve Login details page to receive an email with your username and password4.

If you have never provided RACP with an email address please contact memberservices@racp.edu.au


  1. SSO: A means of allowing users of different web sites and applications to keep a single User Identity and not be prompted to login again when using multiple services.
  2. MIN: Your unique Member Identification Number that was given to you on joining the college. You may use this number for the User ID.
  3. Primary Email address: Many Members have given us multiple email addresses for different purposes and it is necessary to nominate a primary one for general communication purposes. You may use this as your User ID. We will also use that email to send requests for forgotten passwords.
  4. Password: The same password you have been using to access the existing College websites.




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