The President's Message

The President's Message - 29 November
Although we’re coming to the end of 2019, there is a lot happening in the College, especially relating to our bi-national Indigenous Strategic Framework. 

The President's Message - 7 November
I would like to welcome the RACP’s new Chief Executive Officer Peter McIntyre to our College. 

The President's Message - 4 October
The past month has been filled with opportunities to learn and create change.

The President's Message - 6 September
I’d like to update you on our progress in working with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to improve RACP Board culture and governance.

The President's Message - 9 August
We’ve just successfully completed Australian and New Zealand Divisional Clinical Exams for Adult Medicine and Paediatrics trainees – using our new marking Rubric for the first time.

The President's Message - 16 July
We’ve had success in helping to delay the Australian Government’s wind-back of legislation that had allowed medical evacuation of asylum seekers from Manus and Nauru. 

The President's Message - 14 June
Congratulations to the 39 Fellows who received the highest levels of community recognition across Australia and New Zealand in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

The President's Message - 10 May
We held a fantastic Congress in Auckland this week. During my time there I received some questions from members about the impact of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) investigation of the College.

The President's Message - 18 April
This month we have two important updates for members on both sides of the Tasman, regarding the Australian Election, and Congress 2019 in Auckland.

The President's Message – 20 March
I have separately released a President’s statement on the Christchurch shootings.  It is appropriate that such a tragedy be the subject of a stand-alone statement.  The thoughts of the College are with all those impacted by this dreadful event.

The President's Message – 22 February
Many of you will have seen our call last weekend for urgent expressions of interest for nominations to be considered by the Australian Minister for Immigration for appointment to the Independent Health Advice Panel. I’d like to update you all on progress. 

The President's Message – 4 February
In this first message of 2019 I’d like to welcome everyone to a new year and celebrate our 35 Fellows who have been recognised in the New Zealand New Year’s Honours and the Australia Day Honours list.


The President's Message – 21 December
In my final message of this year, I would like to thank all members who have tirelessly gifted their time and energy for our College throughout 2018 – due to your efforts it has been an extraordinary 12 months.

The President's Message – 30 November
This week our College completed a critical  progress report on how we measure up as a medical educator. 

The President's Message – 5 November
I am pleased to advise our Board has approved the RACP’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Statement, providing a valuable resource to inform thinking on this important issue.

The President's Message – 8 October
In the last week our College joined a major campaign aimed at finally getting children out of immigration detention on the Pacific island of Nauru.

The President's Message – 7 September
Recently some members have asked for an update on the progress of the Ferrier Hodgson and BDO reports which are investigating this year’s Basic Training Computer Based Test.

The President's Message – 10 August 
You’ve consistently told us you want to see more of your College advocating in public with decision makers, for better healthcare for our patients and our communities. 

Conversation with the Board at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital – Thursday 19 July
A communiqué from the Board about member issues raised at the event. Login required to access this document.

The President's Message – 13 July
Its been a busy month since my previous post, with lots of travel and some changes within the College executive team. 

The President's Message – 19 June
Our warm congratulations to our 27 Fellows who received the highest levels of community recognition across Australia and New Zealand in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

The President's Message – 18 May
I’m delighted to write to you all in my first message as your new President, after having attended a vibrant and inspiring RACP Congress in Sydney.

The President's Message – 20 April 
We’re now just three weeks away from RACP Congress 2018; Disruption for Healthy Futures. We have a program packed with fascinating topics ranging from the roles of robotics and big data in medicine, through to discussions about medically unexplained symptoms. 

The President's Message – 23 March
I’d like to remind you all to have your say in the future of your College through our elections. If you haven’t cast your ballot yet – voting closes on Tuesday, 3 April. 

The RACP is a vibrant and remarkable institution which places its members at the centre of everything it does – and I encourage you to vote with that in mind.

The President's Message - 23 February
This has been a difficult week for all of us. You will all be aware that our plans to move to a computer based examination failed on Monday when there were various technical problems, and the examination had to be called off. We are also aware of many issues at the examination centres. We understand that many trainees are not only distressed and anxious, but they feel that they may be compromised in the outcome, and that they have not been treated fairly.

The President's Message - 31 January
A warm welcome back to all of you who have returned from holidays.

I am very pleased to congratulate our 25 Fellows who have been recognised in the New Zealand New Year Honours list and the Australia Day Honours announced last week, including our immediate past President.


The President's Message - 1 December
In my final message to you for this year – we’re approaching the end of another twelve months of wonderful achievements for our College, and with that, the opening of nominations for College elections.

Read on for instructions on how to have your say in the future of the RACP.

The President's Message - 1 November
It may surprise you to learn that the hours you work, what activities you are engaged in and where you do your work are largely unknown across our profession.

This month we are seeking your help in changing that, to improve our planning and decision making. 

The President's Message - 6 October
I'm pleased to share with you the results of the College wide poll for an important new benefit, the choice of a new Fellowship Mark for our College.

The President's Message - 8 September
This month I would like to invite you to take a look at a new section of our RACP website that highlights the depth and breadth of our work to transform the physician training curricula.

The President's Message - 11 August
We’ve just come through one of the most intense periods of activity of the clinical year with the completion of the annual Adult Medicine Clinical Examinations in Australia. The College plays a major part in making certain the logistics for this annual event run seamlessly.

The President's Message - 14 July
In the next few weeks, the RACP is beginning work on a new project allowing us to gain a deeper understanding of members and their experiences with the College.

The President's Message - 16 June
Sometimes you have to hear stories face to face from another person, to really appreciate their impact.

Recently I had an opportunity to listen to the lived experience of trainees across several disciplines, first-hand.
The President's Message - 23 May
Our recent Congress exceeded all expectations –  with outstanding presentations and participative sessions and record numbers of attendees.

The President's Message - 1 May
We are an important part of a national and international medical community.

During the last few weeks, I have attended a number of meetings, and I am very reassured that the RACP is up to date with latest issues in healthcare here, and around the world. 

The President's Message - 24 March
Our College is taking leadership on the important current issue of trainee physician health and wellbeing, and management of stress during training and in the workplace.

The President's Message - 24 February
Next week many of our trainees will sit the written examination in Adult Internal Medicine and Paediatrics & Child Health.

The President's Message - 3 February
Welcome to a New Year! Congratulations to our 22 Fellows who have been recognised with honours for their contributions to medicine and healthcare.


The President's Message - 2 December
Some of you may be aware of an article this week in a specialist medical media publication referring to our recent College elections. 

The President's Message - 4 November
From talking directly with Australia’s Prime Minister, to ensuring our future trainees represent diversity, representing our College means engaging across an extraordinary range of stakeholders.

The President's Message - 7 October
As a member, next week you have a once a year chance to provide valuable feedback to us about how well your College is doing and where we can improve. 

I invite you to take eight minutes to fill out the annual member engagement survey online.

The President's Message - 13 September
Your College is very much part of the international medical community. Over the past month I have spent time meeting with peer colleges and organisations, both regionally and globally. We share many of the same challenges and can learn from international experience.

The President's Message - 12 August
We’re now approaching a further milestone in our Next Generation Learning with a focus on renewing the way we educate future medical specialists.

Later this month some of the College’s most experienced medical educators will take a critical look at how we assess and accredit the learning environment for advanced training.

The President's Message - 15 July

Think of your own post-graduate medical training, and the environment you learned in – or may still be learning in if you are a trainee.

This month we all have an important chance to help shape how future specialists train.

The President's message - 21 June 2016

In the past few days, your College leaders have taken an important first step towards charting our future direction over the next two years.

The President's Message - 20 May 2016

I am delighted to send this first monthly message to you as the new President of the RACP.

The President's Message - 6 May 2016

With only 10 days to go until RACP Congress in Adelaide, this is my final eBulletin to you as RACP President, and it has been a great privilege to lead the College over the last two years.

The President's Message - 22 April 2016

Many Fellows and trainees may not be entirely aware of the role and the work of our College’s Board, but this week we’re informing you of a change we’re seeking to make to its structure.

The President's Message - 22 March 2016

Now is the time to vote in the College elections – with less than 14 days to go until voting closes – and with new information about candidates now online.

The President's Message - 11 March 2016

In the next three weeks you can cast your vote for candidates nominated for President-Elect of the College, Presidents-Elect of our two divisions, and one of our faculty President-Elect positions.

The President's Message - 26 February 2016

Our second College Council meeting in Sydney last week demonstrated the value of your new representative body as an advisory group to the Board.

The President's Message - 12 February 2016

Nominations for RACP President-Elect closed on Monday, 1 February, and I am pleased to announce we have a strong field of four candidates for this prestigious position.

The President's Message - 29 January 2016

We begin 2016 with congratulating 16 of our esteemed Fellows who have been recognised in the New Year and Australia Day honours. Our EVOLVE initiative continues to gain momentum, with a dedicated website going live today. 

The President's Message - 18 December 2015

We have closed out 2015 with two great events. In Paris, we’ve presented our consensus statement on climate change, and here at the College, heard a fascinating presentation by a leading international healthcare policy expert.

The President's Message - 4 December 2015

Next week, the process that allows the next generation of College leaders to step up and shape the agenda and future of the RACP with the College election cycle beginning.

The President's Message - 20 November 2015

There’s been important progress in our EVOLVE initiative, in which physicians highlight medical interventions that offer little or no benefit to patients.  

The President's Message - 6 November 2015

I want to recognise fellow Physicians and Paediatricians who succeeded in mobilising over a thousand of their colleagues across Australia last week.

The President’s Message - 23 October 2015

One of the world’s most prestigious international medical journals has publically endorsed our Doctors for Climate Action campaign. 

The President's Message - 9 October 2015

A highlight of this week was the launch in Sydney of our global `Doctors for Climate Action’ campaign by the Editor of the Lancet, Dr Richard Horton.

The President's Message – 25 September 2015

This week is notable for two exciting and important occasions for our College; a highly successful inaugural meeting of our College Council - which took place on Thursday, 24 September - and our first regional convocation ceremony. 

The President's Message - 11 September 2015

This week many of us will have seen the statement made by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) regarding the unacceptability of discrimination, bullying and harassment in the surgical profession. We commend the strong stand RACS has taken on these issues.

The President's Message - 31 August 2015

As part of my commitment to make the College a more transparent and open body, Fellows and trainees are invited to meet the Board and take part in a special Q&A session in Melbourne at 5pm on Wednesday, 23 September.

The President's Message - 14 August 2015

The College Board met last month and discussed the establishment of the Medicare Benefits Schedule Working Party, and launch of a new RACP International Medal.

The President's Message - 30 July 2015

I bring you sad news of the passing of our esteemed former President Priscilla Kincaid-Smith, who gave the College many years of service and made a vast contribution to medicine in Australasia.

The President's Message - 17 July 2015

Our busy and vibrant College continues with its daily business as usual. Committees are actively working on a range of issues and initiatives and making weekly progress.

The President's Message - 9 July 2015

Thank you to all Fellows and Trainee Members who voted and engaged in discussions around the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

The President's Message - 2 July 2015

There is less than one week to cast your vote on the constitutional changes proposed by a small group of College members. 

The President's Message - 29 June 2015

The most important member of this College is YOU, whether you are a Fellow or trainee, whether you have been a member for one or 40 years.

The President's Message - 25 June 2015

Yesterday, the College hosted the launch of the Lancet Commission on Health and Climate Change’s 2015 Report. 

The President's Message - 19 June 2015

I was pleased to meet with the NSW Minister for Medical Research, the Hon Pru Goward on Monday, 15 June to receive an update on the medicinal marijuana clinical trials. The NSW Government has committed to clinical trials to learn more about the efficacy of cannabis and cannabis products in offering relief from a range of illnesses.

The President's Message - 12 June 2015

At its meeting before the Cairns Congress your Board approved plans to establish a new College Council to help meet the challenges of a fast-changing medical and educational environment. 

The President's Message - 3 June 2015

I am immensely pleased to report that RACP Congress 2015, held from Sunday, 24 May to Wednesday, 27 May, was a resounding success.

The President's Message - 22 May 2015 

Congress 2015 Breaking Boundaries Creating Connections is just a few days away and is sure to be an informative and inspiring event. 

The President's Message - 14 May 2015

On Tuesday evening, Treasurer Joe Hockey delivered the 2015-16 Australian Federal Budget. Health did not feature strongly in the government’s public focus, with a large number of the health related measures having been released earlier by the Minister for Health; although there is a frustrating lack of detail regarding the specifics.

The President's Message - 6 May 2015

The College Policy and Advocacy Committee (CPAC), comprising nine Fellows has oversight of numerous complex and sometimes sensitive matters. Since the start of the year.

The President's Message - 29 April 2015

The College received extensive media coverage this week about the important work we are doing on the EVOLVE initiative. EVOLVE is a peer-led initiative to create a list of the 'Top 5' low value practices in clinical practice and reflects the RACP's commitment to a high quality, safe and sustainable health care system. 

The President's Message - 24 April 2015

RACP Congress 2015 is fast approaching and I look forward to seeing many of you as we discuss, debate and chart a path forward on the five key topics: end of life care, the health of indigenous people, the treatment of children in detention, supporting the ageing physician and gender identity.

The President's Message - 9 April 2015

Throughout 2014 the College’s specialist medical programs and continuing professional development programs underwent an accreditation assessment by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

The President's Message - 27 March 2015

Last week, representatives from our College and I participated in the Tripartite Alliance meeting and International Medical Symposium.

The Presidents Message - 11 March 2015

Last week, was an exciting week for the College, with members, specialty societies and industry stakeholders coming together to participate in the RACP led EVOLVE Forum, held on Wednesday, 4 March 2015.

The President's Message - 27 February 2015

The changes to a smaller 11 member skill-based Board will increase its relevance and effectiveness for members and the broader community, by simplifying and improving the way the College is run. 

The President's Message - 10 February 2015

Welcome back to all of our members for what I am sure will be a productive 2015. The year starts with a clear focus on progressing College Reform. The Board is listening to you and will shortly send out more information.

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