Cricket Australia drops ball with another alcohol sponsor

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) has criticised Cricket Australia for its
decision to replace VB as major sponsor with XXXX, arguing the decision was out of touch
with significant health concerns and public perception.

The RACP has long campaigned against the impact alcohol promotion during sports is
having on children, both at the ground and at home watching on TV. This sentiment is
shared by the majority of Australians, with 61 per cent concerned about the exposure of
children to alcohol promotions in sport.

The new XXXX deal will see the beer brand headline more than 20 existing alcohol
sponsorships in professional cricket in Australia.

RACP President Dr Catherine Yelland said the announcement was disappointing following
Carlton United’s recent decision for its VB brand to exit the sport.

“Cricket Australia had a real opportunity to set an example in this space, but they have
instead decided to prioritise revenue above the health of Australian children,” said Dr

“The decision by Cricket Australia is not aligned to the spirit of the game and continues an
unfortunate history of alcohol saturation at a professional level.

“It is distressing that this decision has been made in the face of growing scientific evidence
and public concern around the effect alcohol promotion has on our children.

“As doctors we know exposure to alcohol advertising encourages children to start drinking
earlier, to binge drink more often and to start a journey toward established drinking and
exposure to other alcohol-related harms.”
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