Response to legal proceedings initiated by Professor Paul Komesaroff

Legal proceedings have commenced in the Supreme Court of Victoria, initiated by one of the College Board members, Professor Paul Komesaroff.

The court application that Professor Komesaroff lodged is seeking access to a large number of College documents and a broad range of correspondence.

Dr Catherine Yelland, RACP President said:

“It is unfortunate that Professor Komesaroff has taken this legal action, which I believe is premature. However, as legal action has now commenced, the matter will be dealt with through the court’s processes.

“We hope that we can resolve this matter quickly with Professor Komesaroff and the College executive will minimise cost to members in managing the request for documents and in responding to the legal proceedings.

“I will also work with the Board to ensure the College is focused on what it does best – training and advocating for its 25,000 members across Australia and New Zealand, and developing health and social policies to bring vital improvements to the wellbeing of patients.”
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