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Can I work as a Physician in New Zealand if I have completed my Physician training overseas?

If you hold an overseas postgraduate medical qualification in one of the defined vocational scopes, you may be eligible to apply for vocational registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ).

The MCNZ is responsible for medical registration in New Zealand. Overseas Trained Physicians (OTP) must apply directly to the MCNZ for registration to practice medicine in New Zealand. The MCNZ determines the type of registration for which an OTP is eligible and makes the final decision on whether to grant registration. For vocational registration, the RACP will be asked to assess the equivalency of your qualifications, training and experience to an Australasian trained physician or paediatrician and to provide a recommendation to the MCNZ.

How do I apply?

Firstly, contact the MCNZ to enquire about your registration options. You can find information on the MCNZ website on practicing in New Zealand including links to all MCNZ forms and a fee schedule. You can download the MCNZ VO3-B Guide to vocational registration application information document which outlines the additional documents that are required for your application. You should also review the following RACP documents:

What are the stages of an assessment for vocational registration?

1. Apply to MCNZ for preliminary advice

Preliminary advice is based on a paper-based review of your application. You may be able to gain provisional vocational registration after preliminary advice which will allow you to work in NZ under supervision. In most cases, if you receive preliminary advice you will also be required to apply for and attend an interview with the RACP.

NOTE: It is not mandatory for you to obtain preliminary advice before you can request interview advice. Generally, if you are located overseas, then preliminary advice is requested. If you are located in New Zealand, you may wish to consider interview advice. The MCNZ can provide information on the appropriate type of advice based on your circumstances.

2. Apply to MCNZ for interview advice

The RACP will conduct an interview with two Fellows of the College. This will be an opportunity to discuss your qualifications, training and experience in depth. Once the MCNZ receive preliminary or interview advice from the RACP, they will make a decision on your application for vocational registration.

3. Apply for approval of supervision

If you are granted provisional vocational registration, the MCNZ will manage your supervision and any assessment required. MCNZ may ask RACP for advice on your position and supervision arrangements.

4. Apply for full vocational registration

Once you have successfully completed all the supervision/assessment requirements set out by the MCNZ, you can apply for vocational registration.

How do I become a Fellow at the RACP (FRACP)?

Physicians who gain vocational registration from MCNZ may be eligible to apply for Fellowship of the RACP. RACP will contact you once you have gained vocational registration to advise you of the process for Fellowship.

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