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Already enrolled in Basic Training? All trainees must re-register annually. Find out more about how to apply to re-register for Basic Training.

Am I eligible to apply to start Basic Training?

To apply to the Basic Training program at the RACP, you must:

  • Complete a medical degree accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) or Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ);
  • Have a general medical registration with the Medical Board of Australia, or a medical registration with a general scope of practice with the MCNZ if applying in New Zealand;
  • Have satisfactorily completed at least one intern year (post graduate year one);
  • Be employed by an accredited training hospital or health services (where you will do your Basic Training);
  • Discuss your application and receive approval to apply for Basic Training from the hospital (or network) Director of Physician Education (DPE)*. Approval of the DPE is subject to selection processes, training capacity and/or performance of the prospective trainee.

*If you are in New South Wales, contact a PGY2 Educational Supervisor to discuss your application and approve you to apply for Basic Training instead of contacting the DPE in your hospital (or network). Download a List of PGY2 Educational Supervisors (PDF 229KB). Read the NSW Basic Training Requirement Guide for PGY2s (PDF 156KB) for more information.

When ​are applications due?

You can apply to start Basic Training at the start of the year or mid-year.

See the application dates to find out when applications open and close for Basic Training.

I have studied overseas. Are my eligibility requirements different?

Medical graduates who have completed their degree overseas (international medical graduates) have the same eligibility requirements for Basic Training as Australian or New Zealand trained medical graduates.

If you are not sure if you are eligible, visit the Basic Training Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us at

You may also be eligible to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for training completed overseas. Check the RPL information and policy and contact us for further information.

How do I apply?

Apply online to start Basic Training.

Steps to apply to start Basic Training


Read the Basic Training Handbooks


Learn the program requirements and application dates for Basic Training in Australia or New Zealand


Secure a training position with an accredited training site


Discuss your training with the Director of Physician Education (DPE) or Network Director at your hospital

*If you are in New South Wales, contact a PGY2 Educational Supervisor to discuss your application and approve you to apply for Basic Training instead of contacting the DPE. Download a List of PGY2 Educational Supervisors (PDF 229KB). Read the NSW Basic Training Guide for PGY2s (PDF 156KB) for more information.


Apply to start RACP Basic Training online by the due date


When your application has been approved by your DPE and the College*, you will receive a confirmation email from the RACP with log-in details for the Basic Training Portal.


You will then be able to log in to MyRACP and pay your training fees.


*You can complete your first Learning Needs Analysis and Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise using hard copy forms before you receive a confirmation email from the RACP.

Recognition of ​Prior Learning

To apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as a ​basic ​trainee, please follow these steps:

  • Ensure you have submitted your application for Basic Training
  • Read the Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you meet the eligibility criteria, submit the following documentation to the College via email to (in AUS) or (in NZ):

  • Recognition of Prior Learning application form (PDF 1.8MB)
  • Your most recent C.V.
  • Copy of your General Medical Registration (AUS) or the Medical Registration with a general scope of practice (NZ) (showing the date you were granted general registration)
  • Certified copies of letters from your supervisor at each hospital. Each letter must include the following details:
    • confirmation that the hospital/s are accredited for training by the appropriate institution in that particular country. Please note that employment contracts or letters of appointment are not sufficient
    • the type of position
    • dates and nature (subspecialty) of each term
    • confirmation that it was a supervised training position
    • confirmation that the training was satisfactorily completed
    • details of the learning objectives and confirmation of which learning objectives were met
  • Any other relevant documents you wish the Committee to consider

For more details, please see the College RPL policy, Applicant Guide, Sample Learning Portfolio, and additional information about RPL.
You can contact the Basic Training team for advice on your eligibility and how to put an effective application together ​at or 1300 697 227.

Due dates for RPL applications

Your RPL application must be received within 3 months of the commencement of your first rotation in the Basic Training Program. You do not need to wait for your application to be processed or to receive your MIN.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are hoping to be considered eligible to attempt the FRACP Examinations, you must lodge your application (complete with all required documentation) with the College before 1 September in the year prior to the year you would like to attempt the Examinations. If it is submitted after this date, it will not be assessed until the following year.

Ha​ve ​more questions ​abo​ut Basic Training?

See Basic Training FAQs

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