AChPM Committees

The AChPM Committee comprises of a President, President-elect and six members elected by the Fellows of the Chapter, one of whom resides in New Zealand, who each serve two-year terms up to a maximum of six years. The Chapter Committee President is a member of the Adult Medicine Division Council and serves a term of two years only.

The AChPM communiqué is distributed to Chapter Members following each Chapter Committee meeting.

Committee members

Professor Gregory Crawford, FAChPM

Dr Michelle Gold, FRACP FAChPM

Associate Professor Brian Le, FRACP FAChPM

Dr Martha Mherekumombe, FRACP FAChPM

Associate Professor Leeroy William, FAChPM

Dr Alison White FRACP, FAChPM

Professor Meera Agar FRACP, FAChPM

Dr Amy Waters, FRACP FAChPM

Dr Simon Allan FRACP FAChPM

Dr Gauri Gogna (Trainee Representative)

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