AChSHM Committees

The Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine (AChSHM) supports the professional careers of all Fellows and trainees of the Chapter. Alongside other relevant College Bodies and staff, the AChSHM works on these aspects as they relate to sexual health medicine:

  • education, training and assessment of trainees
  • education, continuing professional development and quality performance of Fellows
  • policy and advocacy
  • the assessment of overseas trained professionals
  • research
  • workforce

The AChSHM Committee is the peak decision-making body for the Chapter, promoting and advancing the body of knowledge of sexual health medicine within the College.

For more information, read the Australasian Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine By-law (PDF) and join the AChSHM Community at the RACP Online Community (ROC).


AChSHM Committee

Dr Massimo Giola, Chair and AChSHM President

Clinical Professor Louise Owen, President-elect

Dr Stephanie Bond, Committee Member

Dr Timothy Bromley, Trainee Representative

Dr Vincent Cornelisse, Committee Member

Dr Rose Forster, Aotearoa New Zealand Representative

Dr Manoji Gunathilake, Committee Member

Associate Professor Carole Khaw, Chair, Training Committee in Sexual Health Medicine (TCSHM)

Dr Fabiola Aghakhani Zandjani-Martin, Committee Member

Associate Professor Catherine O'Connor, Committee Member

Associate Professor Jason Ong, ASHM Representative

Dr Nathan Ryder, Policy and Advocacy Lead

Training Committee in Sexual Health Medicine (TCSHM)

Associate Professor Carole Khaw, Chair and Accreditation Co-lead

Dr Swaminathan Balasubramanian, Appointed Member

Dr Nicholas Comninos, Appointed Member/Mock Exam Lead

Dr Rose Forster, AChSHM Committee Representative/Aotearoa New Zealand Representative/Curricula Renewal Lead

Dr Joanne Peel, Logbook Lead

Dr Jane Shapiro, Appointed Member

Dr Thwe Wai, Advanced Trainee Representative

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