AFOEM Regional Committees

Fellows of the Faculty residing in each State or Territory of Australia and New Zealand constitute the six separate AFOEM regions.

Each region has a Committee, which is a sub-committee of the AFOEM Council. Regional Committees report directly to Council and are comprised of an elected Chair, a Secretary, the state Member, a Director of Training (DoT), a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Coordinator, and a Trainee Representative. The Regional Committee may designate other roles as required.

The key functions of the Regions include:

  • providing advice to Faculty Council in relation to AFOEM matters within the region
  • promoting the specialty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine at local careers expos and provide advice to interested candidates about training opportunities within the region
  • providing advice to the Regional DoT on educational issues relating to regional trainees
  • developing and delivering local educational activities and resources to meet the needs of local trainees and clinical supervisors in accordance with the Training Program
  • developing and delivering local educational activities to meet the needs of local Fellows in accordance with the CPD Program

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NSW / ACT  |  New Zealand  |  QLD / NT  |  South Australia  |  VIC / TAS  |  Western Australia

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory


Dr Louise Crowle, Chair
vacant, Deputy Chair
Dr Sandra McBurnie, AFOEM Council representative
Dr Nee Chen Khoo, Director of Training
Dr Prasad Abeydeera, AFOEM Trainee
Dr Judy Balint, Member
Dr Tania Rogers, Member
Dr Reem Mina, Member
Dr Armand Casolin, Member

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AFOEM NSW Committee Terms of Reference

New Zealand


Dr Alexandra Muthu, Chair and AFOEM Fellow Council representative
Dr Geraint Emrys, Deputy Chair
Dr Michael Austen, Trainee representative
Dr Rod Douglas, Director of Training
Dr Michael Kahan, Member
Dr Chris Walls, Member

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AFOEM New Zealand Committee Terms of Reference
MCNZ 'Audit of Medical Practice'

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Queensland/Northern Territory


vacant, Chair
vacant, Deputy Chair
Dr David Jones, Director of Training
Dr Graeme Edwards, AFOEM Council representative
vacant, AFOEM Trainee
Dr John Schneider, Member

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AFOEM QLD & NT Committee Terms of Reference

South Australia


vacant, Deputy Chair
Dr Ilse Marie Stockhoff, Director of Training
Dr Josh Munn, AFOEM Council representative
Dr Benson Pek, AFOEM Trainee
Dr James Economos, Member
Dr Peter Jezukaitis, Member

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AFOEM SA Committee Terms of Reference



Dr James Chan, Chair
Dr David Gras, Deputy Chair
Dr Robyn MacBeth, Director of Physician Training
Dr Majid Rahgozar, Member/Deputy Director of Physician Training
Dr Dominic Yong, Federal Council Representative (VIC)
Dr Helen McArdle, Federal Council Representative (TAS)
Dr James Crompton, Trainee Representative
Dr Nathan Pastor, AFOEM/ANZSOM Liaison
Dr Tim Hwang, Member
Dr Chung Yew Chee, Member 

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AFOEM VIC & TAS Committee Terms of Reference

Western Australia


vacant, Chair
Dr Kevin Tan, Secretary
Dr June Sim, Director of Training
Dr Michael Lucas, AFOEM Council representative
vacant, AFOEM Trainee
vacant, Member

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AFOEM WA Committee Terms of Reference

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