AFOEM Training Committee

The AFOEM Training Committee oversees regional processes for recruitment, training, career development and support of occupational and environmental medicine trainees. Training Program Directors (TPDs), who are the main contact for trainees in their jurisdiction, approve training plans and supervisor reports.

The Committee undertakes activities for both trainees and supervisors.


  • Manage the operation of the Training Program within their region
  • Provide information and advice to prospective trainees regarding prerequisites for entry to the Training Program
  • Assist trainees in identifying a supervisor
  • Review and endorse a trainee's Trainee Status Report
  • Provide post-examination advice, if necessary
  • Liaise with the Faculty regarding inactive trainees or discuss any problems with a trainee
  • Ensure awareness of changes to the Training Program


  • Hold regular meetings with supervisors to review trainee progress
  • Ensure that supervisors are aware of and fulfill their roles
  • Strongly encourage supervisors to attend Faculty educational and training workshops

Read the AFOEM Training Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee members

Associate Professor John Olsen, Chair

Dr Umberto Boffa, Training Program Director, Victoria

Dr Armand Casolin, Training Program Director, New South Wales

Dr Rod Douglas, Training Program Director, New Zealand

Dr David Fitzgerald, Training Program Director, Remote Area Trainees

Dr David Jones, Training Program Director, Queensland

Dr Evelyn Lee, Training Program Director, Western Australia

Dr Graeme Peel, Training Program Director, Defence

Dr Ilse-Marie Stockhoff, Training Program Director, South Australia

Dr Rebecca Dingle, Trainee Representative

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