AFOEM Policy & Advocacy Committee

The AFOEM Policy & Advocacy Committee advocates across the Faculty and College, health professions, Government, business and the broader community on policies and practices that optimise the health and wellbeing of the population.

Read the AFOEM Policy & Advocacy Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Committee members

Dr Armand Casolin, Faculty President-Elect and Chair
Dr Warren Harrex, Faculty President
Dr Nivine Farage, Trainee Representative
Dr Graeme Edwards, Member
Dr Teri Lillington, Member
Professor Malcolm Sim, Member
Dr Neil Westphalen, Member
Dr Mary Wyatt, Health Benefits of Good Work® Executive Committee Chair
Vacant, Aotearoa NZ Representative
Dr David Jones, AFOEM Faculty Education Committee representative
Dr Catherine Field, ANZSOM Representative
Dr Cath Kelaher, Collaborative Partnership Representative
Dr Peter Honeyman, AFOEM Environmental Lead Fellow

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