AFOEM Regional Committees

Fellows of the Faculty residing in New Zealand and the states and territories of Australia form the six individual AFOEM Regional Committees.

Each Committee is a subcommittee of the AFOEM Council, reporting directly to Council. The key functions of these Committees include:

  • providing advice to AFOEM Council in relation to matters within their College region
  • promoting the specialty of occupational and environmental medicine at local careers expos and provide advice to interested candidates about training opportunities within the region
  • providing advice to the Regional Director of Training on educational issues relating to trainees
  • developing and delivering local educational activities and resources to meet the needs of local trainees and clinical supervisors in accordance with the training program
  • developing and delivering local educational activities to meet the needs of local Fellows in accordance with the CPD Program

Read the AFOEM Regional Committees Terms of Reference (PDF).


Aotearoa NZ | NSW / ACT | QLD / NT | South Australia | VIC / TAS | Western Australia

Aotearoa NZ


Dr Geraint Emrys, Chair
Dr Michael Austen, Deputy Chair
Dr Michael Tombros, Director of Training
Dr Siobhan Gavaghan
Dr John Heydon
Dr Hardeep Hundal, Trainee representative

Key information

Aotearoa NZ AFOEM Committee Terms of Reference (PDF)
MCNZ 'Audit of Medical Practice'

Contact the Aotearoa NZ AFOEM Committee at

New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory


Dr David Crocker, Chair
Dr Peter Yu, Director of Training
Dr Farhan Shahzad, AFOEM Council representative
Dr Catherine Kelaher, ACT representative
Dr Jessica Maistry, Trainee representative
Dr Prasad Abeydeera

Queensland/Northern Territory


Dr Sid O’Toole, Chair and AFOEM Council representative
Dr Clare Wood, Director of Training
Dr Abhishek Sengupta, Trainee representative
Dr Angus Forbes, Member
Dr John Schneider, Member

South Australia

Dr James Economos, Chair
Dr Ilse Stockhoff, AFOEM Council representative
Dr Brett Opperman, Director of Training
Dr Joshua Kartica, Trainee Representative
Dr Bill Panayiaris, Member



Dr Kah Heng Lee, Chair
Dr Chris Pang, Deputy Chair
Vacant, Victorian AFOEM Council representative
Dr Peter Sharman, Tasmanian AFOEM Council representative
Dr Joseph Slesenger, Director of Training
Dr Mehdi Alamdari, Trainee representative
Dr Tim Hwang, Member
Dr Nathan Pastor, Member
Dr Murray Gee, Member

Western Australia

Dr Kevin Tan, Chair
Dr Karina Powers, AFOEM Council representative
Dr Steven Clarke, Director of Training
Vacant, Trainee Representative
Dr John Suthers, Member
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