AFRM Assessment Committee

The AFRM Assessment Committee supervises the coordination of the development, preparation and measurement of exams and assessments. We also standardises examiners and assessors, and oversees examining panels.

The Committee audits and analyses exam data in order to improve exams and assessments through policy and program change. We report recommendations to the College Education Committee, the AFRM Education Committee and associated working groups, as required. In addition, we provide feedback to our trainees and examiners in consultation with the AFRM Education Committee.

View the AFRM Assessment Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).


Dr Shari Parker, Chair

Dr Vidya Ramnath, Deputy Chair and Module 1 Assessment Coordinator

Dr Lai Peng Tham, New Zealand Representative and MCQ Coordinator

Dr Benjamin Chen, Module 2 Assessment Coordinator

Dr Rachael Nunan, Fellowship Clinical Examination Coordinator

Dr Pearl Chung, MEQ Paper Coordinator

Dr Faye Jansen, New Fellow representative

vacant, Long Case Assessment Coordinator

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