Aotearoa New Zealand Committee

The Aotearoa New Zealand Committee (Aotearoa NZC) was established to recognise that the College undertakes activities in two countries with different environments. 

The responsibilities of the Aotearoa NZC include:

  • implementing the strategic direction of the College taking into account the differences between the contexts in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, including the Te Tiriti ō Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi
  • advising the Board of matters arising that may affect, or impact upon, the interests of the College and its Fellows and trainees in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • overseeing and supporting Education activities, including Continuing Professional Development, in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • developing relationships with relevant health related organisations and regulators in Aotearoa New Zealand, to support initiatives within the College’s sphere of influence that improve health outcomes for all New Zealanders, in particular Māori
  • supporting appropriate initiatives that will assist all Fellows and trainees in the development and assessment of their cultural competence
  • actively engaging with Aotearoa New Zealand Government stakeholders

Read the Aotearoa New Zealand Committee By-law.

Committee membership

Dr Jeff Brown, Aotearoa New Zealand President

Dr George Laking, Aotearoa New Zealand President-elect, Chair – Māori Health Committee & Chair – NZ Policy and Advocacy Committee

Dr David Beaumont, Lead Fellow for Congress 2019

Dr Rebecca Grainger, Chair – NZ AMD Committee

Dr John Holmes, Chair – NZ AFPHM Committee

Associate Professor Mark Lane, Board Member (resident of Aotearoa New Zealand)

Dr Hamish McCay, Chair – NZ PCHD Committee & Fellowship Committee NZ representative

Dr Alexandra Muthu, Chair – NZ AFOEM Committee

Dr Aritra Ray, Co-Chair – NZ Trainees’ Committee

Ezekiel Robson, Consumer representative

Dr Richard Seemann, Chair – NZ AFRM Committee

Contact us

For all Aotearoa New Zealand Committee enquiries, email the Aotearoa New Zealand office at


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