Western Australia Trainees Committee

The WA Trainees' Committee is an active and enthusiastic group of Physician and Paediatric Trainees representing the diverse group of RACP trainees throughout WA.

The WA Trainees' Committee meets quarterly to discuss current issues affecting RACP trainees and is responsible for:

  • trainee advocacy in matters of recruitment, education, progression through training, formal assessment, supervision, support, and secondment
  • representation of trainees
  • appointment of trainee representatives to College committees

Committee members

Dr Lee Fairhead, Co-Chair (Adult Medicine)

Dr Sarah Trinder, Co-Chair (Paediatrics)

Dr Momoko Combs

Dr Robert Hand

Dr Kirsten Lindsay

Dr Bradley MacDonald

Dr Kimberley Minas

Dr Maeve O’Connor

Dr Amali Samarasinghe

Dr Portia Smallbone

Dr Adrian Tarca

Dr Oliver Venettacci

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