College Trainees' Committee

The College Trainees’ Committee (CTC), established by the RACP Board in 2003, is the College’s peak representative body of all RACP trainees and their interests.

The Committee's purpose is to:
  • provide a forum for the views of all trainees and dual trainees
  • advocate on behalf of trainees in matters relating to their selection, training, assessment, supervision and overall education experience
  • make recommendations regarding policy that relates to any training matter
  • liaise with all regional trainees’ committees
  • liaise with trainee representatives across the College and its bodies
  • recommend to the appropriate College body any new initiatives to support trainees/dual trainees that can enhance their training experience
  • manage the selection, election and nomination of trainee representatives to the various College body councils, committees and groups

Read the College Trainee Committee By-laws.


The CTC has been very active in pushing forward with objectives as outlined in past Committee work plans as well as advocating within the College to ensure that any new initiatives consider the perspective of trainees.

Notable work and achievements:

  • Creating a large focus on trainee health and well being as it pertains to all facets of training
  • The appointment of one new trainee representative to the established College Council
  • The supporting of the annual Trainees’ Days across Australia and New Zealand
  • Advising the College on the future of Trainees’ Day in the ongoing Congress restructure
  • Developing the overview of Trainees’ Communications Strategy
  • The establishment of the Trainee News eBulletin and social media page to ensure trainees’ have a specific channel for their voice

The CTC has also provided feedback and advice to other Board Committees and College directorates on a range of topics that affect trainees:

  • Written and Clinical Examinations
  • Member Journey Mapping
  • College Learning Series
  • Education Renewal Program
  • Training Provider Standards
  • Trainee/training fees
  • Trainee Wellbeing
  • Special Consideration for Assessment Policy
  • Governance Reform

Become a member

Regional and Faculty Trainees' Committee positions are advertised on RACP Expressions of Interest, Trainee News eBulletin and the RACP Trainees' Facebook group.

If you are interested in becoming a CTC member and would like more information, contact your regional office.

RACP Trainees' Facebook group

The RACP Trainees' Facebook group is a space for RACP trainees to meet and share their experiences, tips, events and ideas with each other. You will also receive relevant trainee material from the RACP.

Join the group and connect with over 1,000 RACP trainees.

Committee members

Dr Hashim Abdeen
Queensland representative
(AMD Co-Chair, QLD Trainees’ Committee and trainee representative, Queensland Regional Committee)

Dr Davina Buntsma
Chair & Victorian representative

Dr Amelia Chowdhury
NSW representative
(NSW/ACT Trainees’ Committee)

Dr Kathryn Forwood
Deputy Chair and ACT representative
(Member, NSW/ACT Trainees’ Committee)

Dr Yang Du
South Australian representative
(Co-Chair South Australian Trainees' Committee) 

Dr Philip Gaughwin
AFRM representative
(National trainee representative, RMSANZ Advisory Council)

Dr Alan Huynh
AFOEM representative

Dr Elizabeth Keeling
Deputy Chair and International Medical Graduate representative

Dr Lucy Morgan
Queensland representative
(Queensland Regional Committee)

Dr Theresa Naidoo
Tasmanian representative
(Tasmanian representative, Victorian Tasmanian Trainees’ Committee) 

Dr Aritra Ray
New Zealand representative
(Co-Chair, Aotearoa New Zealand Trainees' Committee)

Dr Daina Rudaks
South Australian representative
(Co-Chair, South Australian Trainees' Committee)

Dr Louise Segan
Victorian representative
(Chair, Victorian Tasmanian Trainees’ Committee and trainee representative, Victorian Regional Committee)

Dr Patrick Tam

Dr Sarah Trinder
Western Australian representative
(Paediatric Co-Chair, Western Australian Trainees' Committee) 

Dr Aimee Wiseman
NSW representative
(Paediatric Co-Chair, NSW/ACT Trainees’ Committee and trainee representative, NSW Regional Committee)


For more information or to get in touch with a Committee member, email

Other Trainees' Committee contacts:

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