Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee (EC) provides the RACP Board with advice in areas that raise ethical considerations in the context of policy and advocacy, education, clinical practice and the health of our communities, research and financial investment. 

The EC aims to act as a resource for members and College bodies, to promote ethics and build capacity. Key achievements and activities include:

  • Leading advocacy regarding ethical concerns about the Real Bodies exhibition, as mentioned in the Sydney Morning Herald  and The Australian  (July 2018)
  • Hosting the session ‘Difficult decisions in clinical ethics support’ at Congress 2018 which formed the basis for Episode 37 of the RACP podcast: Ethical Dilemmas—Congress 2018
  • Leading development of an ethics e-resource and curated collection
  • Updating the Guidelines for ethical relationships between health professionals and industry (4th edition is forthcoming)
  • Contributing to curricula renewal
  • Developing content and providing speakers with ethics expertise for College events, including Congress
  • Providing ethics advice and input into the RACP’s policy work, including a key advisory role on medical assistance in dying
  • Providing ethics input for events such as the RACP Congress and the NSW/ACT Committee New Fellows Forum Session ‘Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Decision Making’ (December 2017)
Read the Ethics Committee By-Law (PDF 93KB) 

Committee membership  

Prof Ian Kerridge, Chair (Haematology)

A/Prof Mark Arnold, Member (Rheumatology)

Mr Adam Johnston, Member (Community representative)

Prof Ngiare Brown, Member (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative)

Ms Eliza McEwin, Member (Non-clinical ethicist)

A/Prof Helen Irving, Member (Medical Oncology; Paediatrics)

Dr Hirini Kaa, Member (Māori representative)

Prof Paul Komesaroff, Member (Endocrinology)

Mr Peter Martin, Member (Community representative)

Prof Ron Paterson, Member (Legal professional)

Dr Linda Sheahan, Member (Palliative Medicine)

Dr Cindy Towns, Member (General & Acute Care Medicine, Geriatric Medicine)

Read the January 2016 RACP Quarterly for a profile of the Ethics Committee.

Submissions and Activities

Release of the 4th edition of the Guidelines for ethical relationships between health professionals and industry

Submissions developed in collaboration with the Ethics Committee

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Contact the Policy and Advocacy Unit at for further information on the Ethics Committee.

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