Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee considers ethical issues that may impact members and provides advice to the College.

Ethical issues may relate to policy and advocacy, education, clinical practice, and healthcare delivery.

The Committee regularly runs sessions at Congress raising topical ethics-based queries that may confront members. The 2022 topic was 'Tired of COVID? Aren’t we all. Navigating ethical tensions during a pandemic'.

Documents in development with the Committee:

  • guidance for RACP members regarding ethical issues and moral distress
  • guidance on the telehealth related ethical issues for physicians

Committee membership

Dr Cindy Towns, Chair
Mr Adam Johnston, Deputy Chair | Healthcare Consumer representative
Dr Sarah Baldwin
Ms Kathryn Bogoyev | Legal Professional representative
Dr Tahira Dosani | Trainee representative
Dr Henry Ko (PhD) | Healthcare Consumer representative
Dr Lisa Mitchell
Dr Charlotte Ogilvy
Dr Nadia Rajabalee
Dr Sean Westbury | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative
vacant | Board representative
vacant | Māori representative
vacant | Non-clinical Ethicist
vacant | RACP member

Read the Ethics Committee By-law (PDF).

The Committee is not a human research ethics committee and does not consider research proposals.

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