CCCH Committee

Committee membership

Dr Chris Pearson, Chair

Dr Timothy Jelleyman, Member

Dr Deepa Jeyaseelan, Member

Professor Graham Vimpani, Member

Dr Jan Connors, Member

Dr Anne Piper, Member

Dr Ellen MacKinnon, Member

Dr Katrina Hannan, Trainee representative

Dr Natalie Ong, Adolescent Health representative

Dr Terence Donald, Chair – ATC in CCH

Dr Timothy Jelleyman, interim Chair – Child Population Health SIG

Dr Jan Connors, interim Chair – Child Protection SIG

Dr Natalie Ong, interim Chair – Child Development & Behaviour SIG

Dr Emma Cluett, Co-opted Trainee representative (NZ)

Dr Lakshman Doddamani, Co-opted NBPSA representative

More information

Chapter of Community Child Health Committee By-Law
CCCH Annual Meeting Agenda 2018
Chapter of Community Child Health communiqués

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