Chapter of Community Child Health Committee

The Chapter of Community Child Health Committee (CCCHC) was established by the Paediatric & Child Health Division (PCHD) to promote and advocate for Community Child Health and support the professional careers of Fellows and trainees of the Chapter. The CCCHC works with other College Bodies in contributing to education, policy and advocacy, research and workforce matters.

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Committee membership

Dr Chris Pearson, Chair

Dr Timothy Jelleyman, Member

Dr Deepa Jeyaseelan, Member

Professor Graham Vimpani, Member

Dr Jan Connors, Member

Dr Anne Piper, Member

Dr Ellen MacKinnon, Member

Dr Katrina Hannan, Trainee representative

Dr Natalie Ong, Adolescent Health representative

Dr Sarah Loveday, Advanced Training Committee in Community Child Health representative

Dr Timothy Jelleyman, Interim Chair – Child Population Health Special Interest Group

Dr Jan Connors, Interim Chair – Child Protection Special Interest Group

Dr Natalie Ong, Interim Chair – Child Development and Behaviour Special Interest Group

TBC, Co-opted trainee representative (New Zealand)

Dr Alicia Montgomery, NBPSA representative

Dr Manina Pathak, Editor of Chapter Chat

2019 CCCH Annual General Meeting agenda

1. Welcome
2. Chapter of Community Child Health Committee (CCCHC)

2.1 CCCHC By-law
2.2 CCCHC Membership

3. Chair report

3.1 Satellite Day 2019 highlights
3.2 End-of-year Communiqué 2018
3.3 Chapter Chat
3.4 CCCHC Priorities 2018-2020
3.5 Membership of the Chapter of Community Child Health:

Category 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
RACP Fellows 330 368 367 410 430 444
Non-RACP Fellows 75 77 47 64 49 46
Advanced Trainees/OTP 47 54 56 43 39 32

3.6 Children of Addicted Parents statement
3.7 Education update

4. Special Interest Groups

4.1 Child Development and Behaviour
4.2 Child Protection
4.3 Child Population Health

5. Other business

5.1 Members of the Chapter to raise any other business

6. Close

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