Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Committee

The Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Committee (AYAMC) explores ways in which support for young people's health could be furthered within the College with relevance for both the Adult Medicine Division and the Paediatrics & Child Health Division.

AYAMC communiques

AYAMC 2019 mid-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2018 end-of-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2018 mid-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2017 end-of-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2017 mid-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2016 end-of-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2016 mid-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2015 end-of-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2015 mid-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2014 end-of-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2014 mid-year communiqué (PDF)
AYAMC 2013 end of year communiqué (PDF)

Committee membership

Dr Simon Denny, Chair

Dr Jemma Anderson, Paediatrics & Child Health Division (PCHD) representative (Aotearoa NZ)

Dr Jeremy Lewin, Adult Medicine Division (AMD) representative

Dr Miranda Paraskeva, Adult Medicine Division (AMD) representative

Dr Kate Scoles, Chapter of Sexual Health Medicine representative

Dr Bronwyn Milne, Chapter of Addiction Medicine representative

Dr Rachel Collins, General Paediatrician representative

Dr Dylan Mordaunt, PCHD Policy & Advocacy Committee representative

Dr Jonathan Chandran, Advanced Trainee (PCHD)

Dr Yi Chao Foong, Advanced Trainee (AMD)

Dr Colette Reveley, AYAM Advanced Training Committee representative

Vacant, Chapter of Community Child Health representative

Vacant, Chapter of Palliative Medicine representative

In order to ensure RACP processes remain fair and robust (including our reconsideration, review and appeal process) it is not appropriate to contact a committee member directly regarding matters that may be under consideration. Please address this correspondence to the Divisional office at

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Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine branch
Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee Terms of Reference

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