Paediatric Policy & Advocacy Committee

The Paediatrics & Child Health Division (PCHD) Policy & Advocacy Committee was established by the College Policy and Advocacy Committee to contribute to the policy and advocacy issues in paediatrics and child health and act as the authoritative source of direction and advice within the College in regards to Paediatric and Community Child Health policy and advocacy.

The Committee develops, coordinates, implements and monitors the policy and advocacy projects as approved by the PCHD Council and responds to new and emerging policy and advocacy issues relevant to the PCHD as they arise.

For more information, read the PCHD Policy & Advocacy Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).

Committee membership

Professor Graham Vimpani, Chair

Dr Fiona Frazer, Appointed Fellow

Elizabeth Harnett, Consumer Representative

Dr Garry Inglis, Neonatology Representative

Vacant, Adolescent & Young Adult Medicine Committee Representative

Dr Nigel Stewart, APS Representative

Vacant, CCCH Representative

Dr Alison Vogel, Aotearoa New Zealand Appointed Fellow

Dr Peter Wallis, Appointed Fellow

Dr Susan Woolfenden, Advocacy Representative

Dr Natalie Yap, Trainee Representative

For more information about the Committee's activities, go to Paediatric Policy & Advocacy Committee communiqués.

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