Paediatric Research Committee

The Paediatric Research Committee was established by the The Paediatrics & Child Health Division (PCHD) and acts as the authoritative source of direction and advice within the College in regards to Paediatric and Community Child Health research.

The Committee develops, coordinates, implements and monitors the research related activities approved by the PCHD Council and contributes to research matters in paediatrics and community child health to the College Research Committee. 

For more information, read the Paediatric Research Committee Terms of Reference (PDF).


Dr Ju-Lee Oei, Chair

Associate Professor Franz Babl

Dr Philip Britton, Appointed Fellow

Dr Sadasivam Suresh, Chair of PCHD Education Committee

Dr Atul Malhotra, Grants Advisory Committee representative

Dr Geoff Thompson, JPCH Editorial Board representative

Dr Alison Boast, Trainee representative

Dr Anne Morris, APSU representative

Dr Valerie Sung, APRN representative

Professor Yoga Kandasamy, Appointed Fellow

Dr Catherine Byrnes, Aotearoa NZ member

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