Queensland Trainees' Committee

The Queensland Trainees’ Committee aim to represent the interests of all trainees from Queensland to feel engaged, supported and that the interests of all trainees are considered.

This enhances the trainee experience, providing opportunities for trainees across various training sites to interact and participate in College initiatives. The Trainees’ Committee plays a vital role as part of the College and report to the Queensland Regional Committee. 

Read the Queensland Trainees' Committee Terms of Reference.

Committee members

Dr Hashim Abdeen, Co-chair – Adult Medicine

Dr Lucy Morgan, Co-chair – Paediatrics & Child Health

Dr Rachel Norton, Secretary

Dr Moayed Alawami, Member

Dr Emi Khoo, Member

Dr Kristen Lefever, Member

Dr Benignus Logan, Member

Dr Jenna Nunn, Member

Dr Kerinya Pillai, Member

Dr Andrew Teo, Member

Dr Natalee Williamson, Member

Meeting Dates

Wednesday 27 February 2019
Wednesday 8 May 2019
Wednesday 5 June 2019*
Wednesday 3 July 2019
Wednesday 4 September 2019
Wednesday 27 November 2019*

* joint meeting with the Queensland Regional Committee.
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