Adrian Paul Prize

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The Adrian Paul Prize is an annual prize awarded for the best scientific work in the field of rehabilitation medicine that is submitted as part of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFRM) training program.  

The Australasian College of Rehabilitation Medicine established the Adrian Paul Prize in 1986 based on a donation from Mrs Nancy Paul, the widow of Dr Adrian Paul, the Director of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the Royal Alfred Hospital. 

Application Form
Terms & Conditions (Prizes)

Who is eligible? 

The Adrian Paul Prize is open to:

  • Registered AFRM trainees, or
  • AFRM Fellows in the first year of Fellowship

What is the prize?

The Adrian Paul Prize recipient will receive:

  • $1000
  • A certificate, presented at the RACP Ceremony 

 The RACP will announce the prize recipient in the December edition of Rhaïa Newsletter.

How do I apply? 

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions (Prizes)
  2. Submit the following documents in PDF format to :
    1. A completed application form
    2. A copy of an Advanced Training Research Project that was submitted between 16 September 2017 and 17 September 2018

What is the selection process? 

  1. A minimum of three judges will determine the recipient in consultation with the AFRM Education Committee (FEC) at the FEC meeting in October or November.
  2. Judges will review all entries based on content and originality.
  3. The RACP will inform the recipient of the prize after the FEC meeting.

Contact us 

For more information on the Adrian Paul Prize, please contact please contact the RACP Foundation at

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