Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

President's Awards

2021 | Not awarded
2020 | Dr Amy Bright (Trainee Commitment), Dr Peter Connaughton (Policy and Advocacy), Dr Andrea James (Education, Training and Assessment)
2019 | Dr Graeme Edwards (Policy and Advocacy), Dr Rosemarie Knight (Trainee Commitment), Dr Ilse-Marie Stockhoff (Education, Training and Assessment)
2018 |
Dr David Cleveland (Trainee Commitment), Dr Maurice Harden (Education Training and Assessment), Dr Neil Westphalen (Policy and Advocacy)
2017 | Associate Professor Anthony Brown (Education Training and Assessment), Dr Bianca Cheong (Trainee Commitment), Dr Warren Harrex (Policy and Advocacy)
2016 | Dr Robin Chase (Policy and Advocacy), Professor Timothy Driscoll (Education Training and Assessment), Dr Benson Pek (Trainee Commitment)
2015 | Dr Graeme Edwards (Policy and Advocacy), Dr June Sim (Education Training and Assessment), Dr Clare Wood (Trainee Commitment)

Deane Southgate Award

Dr Amy Bright | 2021 recipient

amy-bright-portrait-2022Amy is an Occupational Physician Registrar. She currently holds a global role with Rio Tinto, in AFOEM’s first Chief Medical Officer in training position. Amy is committed to teaching and building collegial communities. Over the past two years, she organised and facilitated voluntary, informal national study groups, successfully supporting Junior registrars sitting exams. Amy held the positions of federal trainee representative, WA AFOEM trainee representative, and WA ANZSOM trainee representative (2019-2020). Her work reflects her principles of dedication, care, and humility. She received the AFOEM president’s award for trainee commitment (2020).

2020 | Not awarded
2019 |
Not awarded
2018 | Dr Hui Ting Ooi
2017 | Dr Patricia Batchelor, Dr Chung Chee, Dr Catherine Kelaher
2016 | Dr Ramsey Jabbour
2015 | Dr Eugen Mattes

2014 | Dr Christopher Rumball
2013 | Dr Andrew Lingwood
2012 | Dr Uthum Dias
2010 | Dr Arthur Stratigopoulos
2009 | Dr Kar Loong Ng
2008 | Dr Michael Causer
2007 | Dr Roger Hon-Wai Lai
2006 | Dr Timothy Rumball
2005 | Dr Catherine Field
2004 | Dr Dominic Yong
2003 | Dr Heather Campbell
2002 | Dr Rhoderick Gordon Nicholson
2001 | Not awarded
2000 | Dr Robert Hugh McDonald

Ramazzini Prize

Dr Harry ChowDr Harry Chow | 2022 recipient

Dr Harry Chow is a Stage C AFOEM Advanced Trainee, working in the field of occupational and environmental medicine since 2017. He has a Master of Occupational and Environmental Health by Research from Monash University. He is currently the chairperson of the Victorian branch of ANZSOM (The Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine).

2021 | Dr Zen Yap
2020 | Dr Nicola Emslie
2019 | Dr Bianca Chong
2018 | Dr Elizabeth Ryan
2017 | Dr Csongor Oltvolgyi
2016 | Dr Iyad Dayoub
2015 | Dr Leila Coelho

AFOEM Essay Prize

2021 | Jonathan Drew
2020 | Not awarded
2019 | Not awarded
2018 | Jeevan Jangam
2017 | Christopher Thang
2016 | Majid Kajbafzadeh
2015 | Dr David Hancock
2014 | George Drewett

Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine

President's Extraordinary Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Public Health

The President’s Extraordinary Awards acknowledge the outstanding contributions made by Fellows and Trainees of the Australasian Faculty of Public Health Medicine (AFPHM) and their teams during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Australian Capital Territory | Dr Kerryn Coleman and team
The team consists of Fellows Dr Kerryn Coleman (CHO), Dr Vanessa Johnston (Deputy CHO) and Dr Miranda Harris. Trainees are Dr Naomi Clarke, Dr Karin English, Dr Sabrina De Bellis-Ayres and Dr Claire Behm. The team plan, instigate and continually improve the ACT Health response to COVID to protect the health of the public.

New South Wales | Dr Kerry Chant and team
The team consists of Dr Kerry Chant, Chief Health Officer of NSW, and Health Protection NSW. Health Protection NSW is responsible for surveillance and public health response in NSW, including monitoring the incidence of notifiable infectious diseases and taking appropriate action to control the spread of disease. Dr Kerry Chant deserves particular credit for the way she has nurtured and grown Health Protection NSW over the past decade. She has tirelessly managed the pandemic, showing outstanding leadership in formulating timely responses to complex public health issues.

Northern Territory | Associate Professor Vicki Krause
Associate Professor Vicki Krause, Director of the NT Centre for Disease Control, has led the NT COVID response with utmost professionalism amidst significant professional upheaval. Her work, like many excellent public health professionals, goes unrecognised because of her outstanding success in health protection and disease control.

South Australia | Professor Nicola Spurrier and team
The team consists of Professor Nicola Spurrier, SA Chief Public Health Officer, and the team at the Communicable Disease Control Branch for SA Health. They provide safe, transparent and effective leadership, advice and guidance for the health of all South Australians during the pandemic. Throughout the public health emergency, Professor Spurrier has presented as calm, learned and collected.

Queensland | Dr Sonya Bennett
Dr Sonya Bennett, head of the Communicable Disease Branch for Queensland Health and Chair of the Communicable Disease Network of Australia, has been instrumental not only in the Queensland response to COVID but also the national response. Her leadership was recognised during the year with a secondment to Victoria and in August 2020 when she was appointed as Deputy Chief Health Officer for Queensland.

Tasmania | Dr Mark Veitch
Dr Mark Veitch, Director of Public Health at Public Health Services, leads the public health response to COVID in Tasmania. He demonstrates extraordinary leadership, provides clear and considered guidance to government and supports his colleagues and the public health workforce. He is an example of excellence in public health communication to people and groups at all levels, including politicians, colleagues and the public.

Victoria | Professor Brett Sutton and team
Professor Brett Sutton, the Victorian Chief Health Officer, is the face of public health medicine in the state for the COVID pandemic. He provides astute public health advice to inform the response and a collaborative approach amongst public health agencies and experts. Professor Sutton is a supportive leader for the public health team across all levels of government, health services, community organisations and businesses. His ability to engage with the community has been pivotal in ensuring strong public support for the necessary public health actions.

Western Australia | Dr Revle Bangor-Jones and team
Dr Revle Bangor-Jones, Principal Medical Officer in the Office of the Chief Health Officer and Deputy Coordinator of the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre in the Health Department, has been a leader in public health medicine in Western Australia for many years. She leads the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre strategy team, dealing with issues of communication and administration, and liaising with the State Health Incident Coordination Centre.

President's Award for Outstanding Contribution

2020 | Dr Elizabeth Ellis (Trainee Commitment), Dr Priya Janagaraj (Trainee Commitment)
2019 | Dr Vicky Sheppeard
2018 | Professor Lynne Madden
2017 | Dr Marianne Jauncy (Policy and Advocacy), Dr Judy Straton (Education, Training and Assessment), Dr Aditya Vyas (Trainee Commitment)
2016 | Dr Tony Gill (Education, Training and Assessment), Dr Kushani Marshall (Trainee Commitment), Associate Professor Nicola Spurier (Education, Training and Assessment)
2015 | Dr Abdullah Demirkol (Education, Training and Assessment), Associate Professor Linda Selvey (Policy and Advocacy), Dr Simon Crouch (Trainee Commitment)
2014 | Professor Michael Ackland (Education, Training and Assessment), Dr Michael Bret Hard (Policy and Advocacy), Dr Benjamin Scalley (Trainee Commitment)

Sue Morey Medal

Dr Kate Murton | 2021 recipient

kate-murton-portrait-2021Dr Kate Murton is a final year Public Health Medicine Advanced Trainee currently working at the Aboriginal Health Council of SA. Kate graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Medicine with Distinction and then completed a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at James Cook University. She then moved to Adelaide in 2018 to commence Public Health Medicine Advanced training and has worked at the Refugee Health Service, the Heart Foundation and the Communicable Disease Control Branch. Kate has a passion for social justice and environmental sustainability and hopes her career in public health can contribute to addressing inequities and the social determinants of health. When not at work, you will find Kate at the beach, in the garden or running the trails in the Adelaide Hills.

2020 | Dr Laksmi Sakura
2019 |
Dr Miranda Harris
2018 | Dr Laila Parvaresh
2017 | Dr Annaliese van Diemen
2016 | Dr Anastasia Phillips
2015 | Dr Simon Crouch
2014 | Not awarded
2013 | Not awarded
2012 | Dr Paul Burgess

Gerry Murphy Prize

Dr Allison Hempenstall | 2023 recipient

allison-hempenstallAllison is a medical doctor, researcher and educator. She is a fellow with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and has been working throughout the remote Torres Strait in Australia for the past 4 years.

Allison was awarded a Fulbright Queensland Scholarship to undertake her Masters of Public Health, specialising in global health with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2020, where she received the 2021 James H. Ware Award for Public Health Practice.

2022 | Dr Johanna Birrell
2021 | Dr Edwina Dorney
2020 | Dr Alyce Wilson
2019 | Dr Elizabeth Peach
2018 | Dr Gabriela Willis
2017 | Dr Shannon Melody
2016 | Dr Pasqualina Coffey
2015 | Dr Shannon Melody

Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine

Adrian Paul Prize

Dr Tarsha Bulathsinhala  | 2021 recipient


Dr. Tarsha Bulathsinhala is a final year advanced trainee in Rehabilitation Medicine, presently working at Westmead Hospital. She graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine. Her keen interest in research began when she was a medical student, publishing her first paper on restless legs syndrome.

She is presently involved in a study looking at the development of a rehabilitation assessment protocol for COVID-19 patients post ICU admission. She was recently a finalist at the 2021 Northern Sydney Local Health District Exceptional People Awards for her contribution to the provision of clinical care to COVID-19 patients as part of a multidisciplinary acute rehabilitation service. Rehabilitation Medicine has given her the opportunity to marry her interests in research, education and evidence-based clinical practice. Her interests lie in the fields of movement disorders, substance-use disorders and musculoskeletal medicine.

2020 | Dr Petria Carter
2019 | Dr Timothy Butson
2018 | Not awarded
2017 | Dr Patrick Arulanandam
2016 | Dr Jessica Stratford
2015 | Dr Alaeldin Elmalik
2014 | Dr Suja Sukumaran and Dr Hima Shailaja Venugopal

AFRM Basmajian and Katrak Prize

Formerly the AFRM Basmajian and Györy Prize

Dr Subbuh Luker | 2021 recipient

Dr Subbuh LukerDr Subbuh Luker is a final year rehabilitation medicine trainee in South Australia. She completed her undergraduate double degree from The University of Queensland in 2015 (Bachelor of Health Sciences & Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery). She is the 2021 recipient of the Basmajian & Katrak Prize for best overall performance in the AFRM Fellowship Clinical Examinations.

Subbuh has also recently completed her associate fellowship with the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators. Her subspecialty interests include the management of patients with neurological conditions including stroke and spinal cord injury. She has a passion for quality improvement projects, translating research into clinical practice and teaching doctors in training.

2020 | Not awarded
2019 |
Dr Stephanie Lam
2018 |
Dr Matthew Tuminello
2017 | Dr Faye Jansen, Dr Hilary Taylor-Evans
2016 | Dr Emma-Leigh Synnott
2015 | Dr Ali Tahayori, Dr Susannah Ward

2014 | Dr Kirri Maree Francis
2013 | Dr Siang Siang Naik
2012 | Dr Jasmine Gilchrist
2011 | Dr Caroline McFarlane, Dr Seema Radhakrishnan
2010 | Dr Richard Bignell
2009 | Dr Julia Catherine McLeod, Dr Amanda Johns
2008 | Dr Louis Baggio, Dr Ellen Maree Downes
2007 | Dr Shari Beatrice Ruth Parker
2006 | Dr Leanne Parker
2005 | Dr Simon Se Lerg Chan
2004 | Dr Craig Davenport
2003 | Dr Daniela Micheletto
2002 | Dr Jeremy Nicholas Christley
2001 | Dr Tram Anh Bui
2000 | Dr Bon San Bonne Lee
1999 | Not awarded
1998 | Dr Karen Patten
1997 | Dr Michael Bennett
1996 | Dr Kim Dobbie
1995 | Dr Richard MacDonnell
1994 | Dr Helen Dewey
1993 | Dr Frances Wise
1992 | Dr Michael Smith
1991 | Dr Guy Bashford
1990 | Dr Jill Collins
1989 | Dr Carolyn Arnold

AFRM Paediatric Merit Award

2021 | Not awarded
2020 |
Not awarded
2019 |
Not awarded
2018 | Not awarded
2017 | Not awarded
2016 | Dr Misty Blakeman
2015 | Dr Heather Burnett

2014 | Not awarded
2013 | Not awarded
2012 | Not awarded
2011 | Not awarded
2010 | Not awarded
2009 | Not awarded
2008 | Dr Kathryn Sarah Edward
2007 | Dr Kim Alison McLennan
2006 | Not awarded
2005 | Not awarded
2004 | Not awarded
2003 | Not awarded
2002 | Not awarded
2001 | Not awarded
2000 | Dr Daniela Rose Micheletto

Dr Boris Mak Rehabilitation Medicine Award for Best Presentation

2022 | Dr Richard Ponton (1st), Dr Michael Dawson (2nd)
2021 | Dr Michael Dawson (1st), Dr Juan Antonio Delgado Rodriguez (2nd)
2020 | Dr Juan Antonio Delgado Rodriguez (1st), Dr Somu Victor (2nd)
2019 | Dr Sheela Perumal (1st), Dr Dawn Adair (2nd)
2018 | Not awarded
2017 | Dr Dawn Adair (1st), Dr Hanna Hsieh (2nd)
2016 | Dr Sarah Hawkins (1st), Dr Dawn Adair (2nd)
2015 | Dr Dawn Adair (1st), Dr Bensy Mathew (2nd)

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