T C Butler & F R T Stevens Prize

Applications closed Saturday 31 August 2019.

The T C Butler & F R T Stevens Prize is awarded to the best essay on work affecting the health of a vulnerable group of society.

The Prizes are made possible by bequests from Dr T C Butler, who was a distinguished Royal Hobart Hospital physician, and Dr F R T Stevens, who was a physician at Launceston General Hospital, a founding member of the University of Tasmania Medical School and an active member of several RACP committees.

See prize terms and conditions.


You must live in Tasmania and be:

  • a trainee of the RACP, its divisions, faculties and chapters OR
  • a Fellow of the RACP, its divisions, faculties and chapters, who has been admitted to Fellowship within the past three years

Last year’s Prize recipients are ineligible to apply this year.


Three prizes are on offer. Recipients will receive a certificate and a monetary prize of:

  • $1500 for a Fellow
  • $1000 each for a Basic Trainee and Advanced Trainee

Selection criteria

Your essay must:

  1. be based on work completed in Tasmania
  2. present your perspective on a medical/clinical condition or illness that impacts a vulnerable group in society – an individual case can be used as an example
  3. define the vulnerable population group and why they are considered vulnerable. The Prize Review Panel will consider definitions such as:
    1. both physically and emotionally vulnerable groups, for example adults or children with developmental disability, people with mental illness, refugees or adults and children in violent families
    2. those who are vulnerable due to their location, for example rural or remote residents
  4. offer possible solutions to minimise health impact
  5. 1500 words maximum in length

Selection process

All applications will be assessed by an Award Review Panel comprised of RACP Fellows.

The Prize will be awarded at the RACP Tasmanian Conference at the Launceston General Hospital on Friday 8 November 2019.

Prize recipients may be asked to present their research at the Conference.

For more information about the Prize, contact the RACP Foundation.

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