Jameson Investigator Award for Research
(Indigenous Health Issues)

Dr Phoebe Davies | 2023 Winner

Examination of the independent contribution of rheumatic heart disease and congestive cardiac failure to the development and outcome of melioidosis in Far North Queensland, tropical Australia 

2022 | Dr Nicholas Seton
2021 | Dr Brett Shannon
2020 | Dr Melissa Fox
2019 | Dr Joseph Mohan
2018 | Dr Stacey Naughton
2017 | Dr Luke Conway

T C Butler & F R T Stevens Prize

Dr Jessica Paine | 2022 recipient

Supporting vulnerable young Tasmanians to have the best start in life as possible: Improving transition out of Out of Home Care in Tasmania.

2021 | Dr Theresa Naidoo
2020 | Not awarded
2019 | Not awarded
2018 | Not awarded
2017 |
Dr Shannon Melody
2016 | Dr Gopakumar Hariharan, Dr York Leong

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