AChAM Committees

Under the governance system of the College, the Chapter has a President and President-elect.

The Chapter President chairs the AChAM Chapter Committee, and distributes an update to Chapter Members following each Chapter Committee meeting (Communiqué).

AChAM Chapter Committee

The Chapter Committee President is a member of the Adult Medicine Division Council and serves a term of two years only.

President and Chair

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones FAChAM


Dr Nicholas Lintzeris FAChAM


Dr Gilbert Whitton FAChAM
Dr Richard O'Regan FAChAM
Professor Adrian Dunlop FAChAM
Dr Cornelius (Kees) Nydam FAChAM
Dr Anthony Gill FAChAM
Associate Professor Michael McDonough FAChAM
Dr Vicki Macfarlane FAChAM (New Zealand representative)
Dr Noel Plumley FAChAM
Vacant (Trainee Representative)

Training Committee in Addiction Medicine


Dr ​Gilbert Whitton (NSW), FAChAM


Dr Abdullah Apo Demirkol (NSW), F​AFPHM FAChAM
Dr Jonathan Brett (NSW), FRACP FAChAM
Dr Keri Alexander (VIC), FRACGP FAChAM

New Zealand member

Dr Graeme Judson (NZ), FAChAM

Trainee representative

Dr ​Ajay Chennamchetty FRACGP
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