CCCH Committee

Committee members


Dr Chris Pearson

Committee members

Appointed Fellow: Dr Timothy Jelleyman
Appointed Fellow: Dr Deepa Jeyaseelan
Appointed Fellow: Dr Jan Connors
Appointed Fellow: Dr Eve Fifield
Appointed Fellow: Dr Brad Jongeling
Appointed Fellow: Dr Chris Ward
Trainee representative: Dr Kirsten Furley
Co-opted NZ Trainee representative: Dr Emma Cluett
Adolescent Health representative: Dr Natalie Ong
Co-opted NBPSA representative: Dr Lakshman Doddamani
Chair - ATC in CCH: Dr Terence Donald
Chair - Child Protection SIG: Dr Terence Donald
Chair - Child Population Health SIG: A/Prof John Eastwood
Chair - Child Development & Behaviour SIG: Dr Chris Pearson

More information and resources

Chapter of Community Child Health Committee By-Law (PDF 0.5MB)
CCCH Annual Meeting Agenda 2017 (PDF ​0.1MB)
Chapter of Community Child Health communiqués

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