Overseas trained physicians in Australia

Can I work as a Physician in Australia if I have completed my specialist training overseas?

If you have completed a primary medical degree and specialist training overseas, you may be eligible to practise in Australia.

Before you can practise, the RACP will assess you to determine whether your training, assessment, experience, recent practice and continuing professional development are comparable to an Australian trained Physician.

The RACP assesses overseas-trained specialists in the following specialty areas:

If you cannot find your specialty, another Australian college may assess it. Please browse the list of Australian Medical Colleges for further information.

How do I become a Physician in Australia?

All overseas trained Physicians (OTPs) who wish to practise in Australia need to complete a Specialist Assessment with the RACP. If you have secured an ‘Area of Need’ position, you will also require an Area of Need assessment

How do I apply for assessment?

Before you apply, you need to read the Specialist Assessment Guide for Applicants (PDF 633KB).

Once you have read the guide, you can:

What are the stages of specialist assessment?

There are three stages of specialist assessment:

  • Initial assessment – During initial assessment, the RACP assesses your application and determines the requirements you will need to complete to become recognised as a specialist
  • Ongoing assessment – During ongoing assessment, you will complete the requirements determined by your initial assessment decision to become recognised as a specialist
  • Final assessment – From your final assessment, the RACP will decide whether you have successfully completed your requirements for specialist assessment. If successful, the RACP will recommend you for specialist registration

How long does assessment take?

OTP assessment is a long process. It takes three to nine months for you to receive your initial assessment decision after submitting your application. After your initial assessment, you will need to complete ongoing assessment before your final assessment to be recognised as a specialist in Australia. Completing your ongoing assessment while working in Australia takes from six months to four years.

What does assessment cost?

There are fees to pay at each stage of the assessment process. The total cost of a successful application for specialist recognition in Australia varies but it will be more than $10,000 AUD.

Find out more about the fees for specialist assessment and Area of Need assessment in Australia on the Membership Fees page.

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