Reconsideration Review or Appeal FAQs

Application for Reconsideration, Review or Appeal of a Decision Frequently Asked Questions

This should be read in conjunction with the Colleges Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Process By-Law.

1. What are the timeframes for the review of my application?

It will take approximately 8-12 weeks for the College to decide a Reconsideration, Review or Appeal Decision. Applicants will be kept apprised of timeframes.

2. How do I apply?

You must complete and submit an Application for Reconsideration, Review or Appeal to the College with the prescribed fee within 28 days of the date that you were notified of the Decision, Reconsideration Decision or Review Decision. You are able to submit additional documentation in support of your application, but not evidence of further training or experience obtained between original decision and reconsideration of a decision.

3. What is the application fee?

There is no application fee to apply for a Reconsideration of a Decision.

The Application fee for a Review and Appeal of a decision can be found on the Membership Fees page.

4. What if I do not submit my application within the 28 day time limit?

A completed application with the prescribed fee must be received by the College within 28 days of the date that you were notified of the Decision. If you do not have all of the supporting documentation available at the time of application, you will have an opportunity to submit this prior to consideration of your application. You will be advised by College staff what date the supporting documentation must be submitted by. This will be dependent on the date the meeting will be held to review your application.

If you do not submit the application form within the prescribed 28 day time limit, your application will not be considered. In very rare circumstances, exceptions may be made to this. You will need to set out your circumstances and provide supporting documentation, e.g. medical certificates.

5. Who will make the decision regarding my application?

A Reconsideration of a Decision is conducted by the same College Body which made the Decision.

A Review of a Decision is conducted by the College Body that oversees the College Body that made the Decision or the Reconsideration Decision.

An Appeal of a Decision is conducted by a Committee convened by the College as per the Reconsideration, Review and Appeals Process By-Law.

6. Can I proceed directly to a Review?

Yes. An application for Review can be made without first seeking Reconsideration.

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