Becoming a CCCH member

Membership is open to Fellows and Advanced Trainees of the RACP, Overseas Trained Paediatricians following appropriate assessment, and medical practitioners in Australia and New Zealand who have significant expertise or engagement in community child health or the domains of child protection, child development and behaviour and/or child population health.

As a Member of the Chapter you receive:

  • Access to the CCH RACP Online Community group
  • invitation to the annual Chapter Satellite Day and accompanying social event
  • access to CCCH Membership Mark — a trademarked symbol designed exclusively for CCCH members to use, to symbolise their significant expertise and engagement in community child health, and membership of the CCCH to their patients, peers and the community

    Download your Membership mark through MyRACP

Note: For advanced trainees and College Fellows the annual College subscription fee includes Membership fees to the CCCH.

Advanced Trainees

Advanced Trainees undertaking training in Community Child Health or dual training with Community Child Health and another specialty are eligible for admission to the Chapter of Community Child Health; accordingly a letter will be sent advising of this however you may also contact the Divisional Office at Following acceptance, a welcome letter will be sent with a request to identify SIG Affiliation.

RACP Fellows

On application, RACP Fellows are approved as Members of the Chapter.

To apply, complete the Chapter of Community Child Health Membership application form (PDF) and email it to 

Non-RACP Fellows

On nomination, the Chapter of Community Child Health Committee may approve medical practitioners of Australia and New Zealand that are not Fellows/trainees of the College as Members of the Chapter.

This requires nomination from a CCCH Member and the nominee is expected to have significant expertise and engagement in community child health or any of the domains of child protection, child development and behaviour, and child population health.

To nominate, complete the nomination form for non FRACP medical practitioners (PDF 84KB) including a brief CV and send it to the address provided in the form. The annual subscription fee is payable following notification of approval of Membership at which point membership to the CCCH is conferred. A request to identify SIG Affiliation will occur with the notification.

Non-RACP Fellows admitted to Membership of the Chapter are not Members of the College.

Overseas Trained Physicians (OTPs)

In the first instance an OTP must be assessed by the College as this will determine whether a physician is comparable substantially, partially or not to a College Fellow. Refer to the OTP webpage.

Following this assessment those OTPs assessed as substantially or partially comparable and undertake Advanced Training in Community Child Health, including dual training, will be considered Advanced Trainees and offered membership - refer above.

Those assessed as not comparable are considered Non-Fellows and as such will be required to be nominated by a CCCH Member per Non-RACP Fellows above.

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