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Offer process

Once the Selection Committee has made its final decision on its suitable candidates, the process of offering the positions begins.

Most online recruitment systems will generate offers in bulk, which are then sent out to successful candidates. At the same time, a notice may be sent to unsuccessful candidates. Selection committees may wish to avoid doing the latter for a few days in case some offers are declined.

In large recruitment activities it is inevitable that some candidates may decline an offer as they have received and accepted an offer from another training network/setting. This is where it is useful to have a predetermined eligibility list from which other candidates can be made an offer. In this process, the committee provides feedback to candidates on their eligibility status and potential to receive an offer should another candidate decline. While this method is helpful in retaining the committee's preferred candidates, it is imperative to keep the recruitment process going so that candidates can consider other offers of employment if their first choice is not available. Eventually eligibility lists are exhausted or expire – most jurisdictions place a time limit on how long someone can be on an eligibility list before requiring to apply again.

At this point there may still be vacant positions which training settings/networks will likely be keen to see filled. Ideally, the Committee would recommence the recruitment and selection process. This can be a simple option for programs which have smaller numbers of applicants and positions and fewer people involved in the selection process. For larger networks and programs, where recruitment and selection can be lengthy, it isn't feasible to restart the recruitment and selection process.

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