2019-2021 Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Our vision

The Physician Health and Wellbeing Strategy will improve the health and wellbeing of physicians and enable high quality patient care.

Being healthy means more than just the absence of ill-health. It encompasses mental, physical and social wellbeing. Physicians, their families, patients and the community are at the centre of our vision for the Physician Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

"The Strategy has been developed following a needs analysis of the health and wellbeing challenges faced by physicians and a review of research. We have listened to your valuable feedback and designed an integrated framework of key priorities and actions underpinned by eight principles."

Associate Professor Mark Lane, RACP President

This strategy helps us build strong organisations to support doctor wellbeing. By collaborating with workplaces, we will enhance the health and wellbeing of our members and the quality of health care to the community.

This strategy acknowledges that health and wellbeing is the responsibility of the health system, the RACP and the individual. It focuses on five objectives and builds on existing wellbeing initiatives to deliver sustainable outcomes.

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