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The RACP Trainee Research Awards Symposium 2023

18 Aug 2023 at 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Council Room, Level 1, 145 Macquarie Street, Sydney and Online
RACP Foundation

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Celebrate and support the recipients of the 2022 RACP Trainee Research Awards from across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand as they present their research on topics related to Paediatric and Adult Medicine. They will be joined by guest speaker Dr Amali Mallawaarachchi and members of the Grants Advisory Committee. The two best presenters on the day will each receive an additional prize.

Interested Fellows, trainees and non-members are welcome to attend.

All presentations will be made in person. The audience may attend in person or online.

Please register to ensure you are catered for in seating and refreshments if attending in person, or to receive login details if attending online.


Amali MallawaarachchiDr Amali Mallawaarachchi

“Genomic diagnostics in polycystic kidney disease”

A Clinician-Scientist with a research focus in polycystic kidney disease and in the genetics of inherited kidney disease, Dr Mallawaarachchi is a Clinical Geneticist and Nephrologist, and Staff Specialist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. She is also a Senior Research Scientist in the Division of Genomics and Epigenetics at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney.

Dr Mallawaarachchi is the recipient of a 2022 Jacquot Research Establishment Fellowship and 2017 and 2018 Jacquot Research Entry Scholarships.


2022 Award Presenters:

Paediatric Medicine:

Dr Jaslyn Ong (WA)
Consumer Anaphylaxis Simulation Training for Parents and Families of Children with Food Allergies

Dr Rachel Roberts (Qld)
Experiences of emergency department care for children with autism spectrum disorder: a mixed methods systematic review

Dr Michelle Scoullar (Vic)
Reproductive tract infections in pregnancy increases risk of adverse birth outcomes in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Dr Robyn Silcock (NT, 2021 recipient)
Parechovirus Infection in Infants: Evidence-Based Parental Counselling For Paediatricians

Adult Medicine

Dr Gavin Huangfu (WA)
Hepatic fat as a novel marker for high-risk coronary atherosclerosis in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia

Dr Kate O’Mahony (AoNZ)
An audit on the identification and management of anti-phospholipid syndrome in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus in Counties Manukau District Health Board

Dr David Palmer (Qld)
An Integrated Multidisciplinary Clinic for Functional Neurological Disorder Improves Quality of Life, Social Engagement, and Workforce Participation

Dr Varan Perananthan (NSW/ACT)
Novel study assessing intestinal toxicity in Paracetamol overdose as the cause for early metabolic acidosis

Dr Thalys Sampaio Rodrigues (Vic)
Severity of atherosclerosis on computed tomography coronary angiography and risk of long-term cardiovascular events following liver transplantation



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