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Solving Painkiller Dependency in Primary Care

26 Jun 2024 at 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
United Clinical

Join us evening of 26th June, for this exclusive virtual masterclass on managing painkiller dependency, focusing on the role of MATOD pharmacotherapy in primary care. This event is designed to empower GPs with the knowledge and practical strategies needed to effectively address opioid dependency in their patients. Pending Continuous Professional Development (CPD) home approval for 8 hours, with post-work explained on the night.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the epidemiology, pathophysiology, and clinical presentation of painkiller dependency in primary care
  • Critically assess the latest clinical evidence and guidelines for the management of painkiller dependency, with a particular focus on the appropriate use of MATOD pharmacotherapy
  • Develop and implement practical, evidence-based strategies for the early detection and management of painkiller dependency in primary care settings, aiming to improve patient outcomes and overall quality of life

Description of the webinar

This hybrid activity comprises three elements:


A 30-minute pre-event activity conducted on Survey Monkey will:

  • Document participants’ self-reflection on their attitudes to the treatment of patients with dependency on prescribed opioids
  • Evaluate the degree to which their management of patients with dependency on prescribed opioids adheres to best practice
  • Contribute to the educational webinar by gathering the group's response to a case study that will be discussed in the webinar
  • Act as a baseline for measuring the effectiveness of the webinar in a post-event survey

The Event (Webinar)

The agenda and speakers are provided below. Within the context of the broader program, the primary objective of this webinar is to encourage participants to complete the post-event Measuring Outcomes activity where they will identify patients with dependency on prescribed opioids and consider the use of MATOD pharmacotherapy where appropriate.

The webinar will:

  • Establish the burden of painkiller dependence
  • Position the solution as chronic disease management, best done by GPs
  • Challenge misperceptions and provide clear guidance on best practice management of dependency on prescribed opioids, including the role of MATOD pharmacotherapy
  • Provide support and guidance on identifying suitable patients and meeting the requirements for prescribing MATOD pharmacotherapy

Measuring Outcomes (Find 5)

Find 5 is a mini audit where GPs are encouraged to:

  • Review all patients on chronic opioid therapy
  • Identify 5 patients who meet criteria outlined in the webinar
  • Call them in for a discussion (or have the discussion at the next consultation)
  • Adjust management as appropriate. A template is provided to allow GPs to record this activity


  • Dr Anita Munoz, Specialist General Practitioner, Medical Educator, RACGP, Midtown Medical Clinic, Melbourne, VIC
  • Dr Paul Grinzi, Specialist General Practitioner, Medical Educator, RACGP, Royal Park Medical, Melbourne, VIC
  • Dr Cameron Loy, Specialist General Practitioner, You Yangs Medical Clinic, Lara, VIC
  • Dr Anne Saunders, Specialist General Practitioner, Port Melbourne Medical, Melbourne VIC
  • Dr Ferghal Armstrong, Addiction Medicine Specialist, Specialist General Practitioner, Turning Point, Box Hill, Melbourne, VIC





  • NT/SA: 6.30-8.00pm
  • WA: 5-6.30pm

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