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Mater Education Open Disclosure Workshop

12 Nov 2019 at 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Level 4, Duncombe Building, Raymond Terrace, South Brisbane QLD
Mater Education

When things go wrong in the health care system, patients and families want to know. These conversations can be difficult to have but are integral to the delivery of quality care. How people learn about these adverse events shapes their experience, and has a huge impact on their attitudes towards treatment options, clinicians and health services in future.

To equip clinicians with the knowledge and skills they need to conduct these difficult conversations, Mater Education has developed a half-day Open Disclosure workshop.

Open disclosure can assist health service organisations and personnel to manage adverse events compassionately and transparently, while providing broader benefits through improved systems and clinical communication. You’ll learn and practise new techniques in a safe learning environment through simulated conversations, and test your own open disclosure conversation in a small group setting.

For more information visit Mater Education.



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