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AAAH Webinar: Adolescent development: Why it is a Critical Time

03 Oct 2023 at 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Online (AEDT)

Despite us all living through it, adolescence and young adulthood is still poorly understood as a developmental period. During this critical life stage, many behaviours and conditions emerge as well as new opportunities for individual clinical care, health services, programs and policies that reflect young people’s physical growth as well as their maturing cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Increasingly perceived as a foundation for future health, investing in healthy adolescent and young adult development will pay off during adolescence itself, across the life course and for the next generation.

In this webinar, Professor Susan Sawyer will describe contemporary concepts of adolescent health and development, including terminology and age definitions, and will highlight the significance of puberty and brain maturation in the context of what this means for clinicians in their individual and programmatic engagement with young people.


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