Health of Doctors Position Statement 2017

Date published:
03 Aug 2017

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) believes that improving the health and wellbeing of medical professionals requires the cooperation of government, employers, colleges, regulators, doctors’ health services, senior leaders, supervisors, colleagues and doctors themselves.

We each have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to creating good work environments and building resilient communities. The health, safety and wellbeing of doctors should be embedded and integrated into everything that we do. 

While we have a shared responsibility for doctors’ health, the RACP also believes that it is essential for doctors to take care of their own health, for their benefit and for the benefit of their families, their patients and the healthcare system.

The RACP encourages both our Fellow and trainee members and all other doctors to see their general practitioner on a regular basis and to model healthy behaviours. We also urge all doctors to monitor their own physical and emotional wellbeing, and to
seek early assistance if they have any concerns or experience significant stress. Caring for other doctors requires sensitivity and we encourage doctors to provide support and assistance to colleagues in a compassionate and confidential manner.

The RACP is determined to take an active role with our sector partners to shape a healthier work culture for doctors and all health sector professionals, which will also benefit the health and safety of patients. The RACP encourages employers to adopt the principles of the College’s Health Benefits of Good Work initiative.

The RACP will improve doctors’ health and wellbeing through:

We are stepping up to lead cultural change and to work with our partners to promote safe and healthy workplaces and healthy behaviours. We encourage action to identify workplace hazards and to minimise the risks to the health and wellbeing of all health professionals.
Doctors’ health and wellbeing is incorporated into the RACP’s professional standards, curricula and Continuing Professional Development programs. We have developed eLearning modules on self-care and safe learning environments and will share more resources with our partners.
Standards and Accreditation
Doctors’ health and wellbeing will be included in the new Accreditation Standards and we will work with training providers to ensure the standards are understood and achieved.
We will advance the importance of doctors’health and the changes required to legislation to make a positive impact on the 
Adding Value
We will provide value through: supporting all members to achieve better health during their career; sponsoring active research and pilots to improve the health system, environment and physician health; and provide opportunities to connect with other physicians.

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View the RACP's Healthier Physicians brochure, designed to help medical practitioners improve their health, and support the health and wellbeing of their colleagues.

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