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Date published:
01 Nov 2019

Many government decisions on workforce are based on anecdotal data, so your College is creating a data set to inform future decision makers when planning for physician education programs.

Did you know the hours you work, the activities you are engaged in and where you work impact the paediatrics and adult medicine workforce?

To improve knowledge about physicians and paediatricians, please complete your Work Profile when you pay your annual subscription fees.

When you pay your annual College subscription fees, you’ll find My Work Profile on the payment confirmation page that will take you to your own work profile, or you can access it in MyRACP.

Your participation will help stakeholders (including government policy-makers) make informed decisions. The RACP is not responsible for hiring practices, nor can we provide advice on where a doctor should seek work; but we can provide data to assist decision-making.

Having trouble completing your Work Profile? The MyRACP supported internet browsers are Internet Explorer Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Please note Internet Explorer 11 is not compatible because it’s an end of life browser and has security concerns.

How does My Work Profile benefit you?

Workforce data will be made available to you and may inform:

  • stakeholders including government policy makers when making workforce decisions, based on current data
  • your understanding of how your work hours compare with your peers
  • your understanding about the range of professional activities our members undertake; research, administration or clinical
  • which geographic area New Fellows decide to work in Australia and New Zealand
  • decisions about whether you choose to practice privately or publicly
For more information, see My Work Profile FAQs and to help spread the word, please share the poster in your staff kitchen.

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