Call for health reform for Australians

Date published:
12 Mar 2020

The RACP has made a case for constructive health reform in its healthcare recommendations to the Federal Government ahead of its Budget preparation. The fundamental message of the RACP's 2020-2021 Pre-Budget submission is that more needs to be done to address health reform to better connect parts of the health system and address significant gaps in care. Key areas are:

  • prevention strategies on obesity
  • prevention of alcohol-related harms
  • early intervention in mental and physical health of infants and children
  • more integrated approaches to care
  • fundamental reform and redesign of the aged care system.
Download 2020-2021 Pre-Budget Submission

Towards a better new normal in the time of COVID-19

The ongoing global pandemic has confronted the Australian Government and Australians more broadly with a unique and wide-ranging set of public health and socioeconomic challenges which will reverberate well into the future.

As the Australian Government prepares to deliver its decisive COVID-era budget, the RACP suggests that these ambitious but essential goals can be achieved by investing judiciously in:

  • telehealth and digital health
  • residential care (including aged and disability accommodation)
  • health system preparedness and protection of healthcare workers
  • prevention
  • funding for specific groups.

These recommendations are meant as a supplement and amplification of the comprehensive 2020-21 Pre-Budget Submission released by the College in December 2019.

Download 2020-2021 Pre-Budget Update

The Australian 2020-2021 Budget will be announced on Tuesday, 6 October 2020. 

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