Changes to COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme

Date published:
28 Jun 2022

The Department of Health has made updates to the COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme to provide greater clarity on a number of issues raised by the medical sector and improve Scheme processes.

The updates include clarifying the evidentiary requirements in the Scheme Policy for:

  • the hospitalisation and exemption criteria
  • reimbursement for past loss
  • compensation for future loss
  • compensation for pain and suffering.

The updates also provide further information in the guidance material for reporting practitioners on the seven clinical conditions covered under the Scheme and the scope of injuries caused by COVID-19 vaccine administration.

The updated documents are available on the Department website and linked from the Services Australia.

Changes have also been made to the Medical Report Form make it easier and simpler for the reporting practitioner to use, with a view to reducing the number of claims which may be delayed because additional information is required.

Further information on the eligibility criteria under the Scheme can be found on the Services Australia webiste.

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