RACP leading the way to improve patient centred care

Date published:
06 Jun 2017

The RACP has launched its framework for improving patient centred care and consumer engagement, along with related implementation strategies, which form part of its larger Education Renewal project.  The framework and strategies will guide the College’s approach to patient centred care for each of its key purposes – to educate, innovate and advocate – and outline new and systematic ways for how it engages with health care consumers and the broader community.

These plans are informed by a 2016 RACP project that investigated how a truly collaborative care relationship might be established between physician and patient, as well as the community groups and organisations that advocate on patients’ behalf. This included a review of international literature and best practice, and extensive consultation with key stakeholders including physicians and healthcare consumers, which revealed a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the benefits of patient centred care; physician commitment and desire for training and support to deliver appropriate services; and changing expectations of consumers and regulators in the health sector.

In implementing these important plans the College will lead the way for patient centred care in Australasia, and ensure that consumer voices are considered in its policy, advocacy and education activities to provide patients, families and communities with highly competent specialist that deliver the best care possible.


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