Transitions to retirement – the latest Pomegranate podcast

Date published:
07 Apr 2017

“A good retirement is a retirement tailored to that specific doctor,” says ​Associate Professor Carmelle Peisah.

She says we need to be responsible and realise what our individual needs are for retirement.

The latest episode of Pomegranate – the RACP’s podcast – discusses transition to retirement and the decisions physicians and paediatricians need to make when thinking about how, when and why they will retire.

​Associate Professor Carmelle Peisah, an old age psychiatrist, says it’s never too early to think about planning for the future, it offsets anxiety and fear of retirement.

Emeritus Professor John Dwyer retired eleven years ago. He planned his retirement and told his area health service and university of his plans 18 months in advance.

“I can remember being excited and scared at the same time. Many times the thought went through my head of whether I was making a mistake. I was still physically well and involved in a heck of a lot of things. But, I soon realised I’d made the right decision,” he said. 

​Associate  Professor Peisah and Professor Dwyer are joined on the podcast by psychiatrist ​Dr Chanaka Wijeratne and paediatrician Associate Professor Jill Sewell who is currently planning her own retirement.

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