Australian of the Year Awards

Date published:
24 Jan 2023

We would like to congratulate Dr Angraj Khillan for being nominated for Australian of the Year 2023 and Professor Frank Oberklaid AM for being nominated for Senior Australian of the Year 2023. You can watch the Awards live on 25 Jan at 7:30pm local time on ABC.

Dr Angraj Khillan

Dr Angraj KhillanDr Angraj Khillan is a paediatrician and co-founder of the Health Awareness Society of Australia. He sold offerings outside a temple as a student in India to fund his medical books. Today, the paediatrician changes lives by delivering healthcare and health education to culturally diverse communities in Australia.



Professor Frank Oberklaid AM


Professor Frank Oberklaid AM is a paediatrician and founding director, Centre for Community Child Health. He has focused on helping children with developmental and behavioural problems through research-based programs. He recently developed the Mental Health in Primary Schools Program, which upskills experienced teachers to become mental health and wellbeing coordinators.


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