CCCH Committee communiqué - End-of-year 2018

The following communiqué highlights the key issues and activities of the Chapter of Community Child Health Committee (CCCHC) for the second half of 2018.

Key activities


The CCCHC met on 17 August (face-to-face, Sydney) and 14 November (teleconference). Meeting dates for 2019 are being currently being finalised. 

The CCCHC has finalised its workplan for the next two years, I look forward to sharing our initiatives with you following PCHD Council approval in early 2019.  

Chapter Satellite Day

The Chapter Satellite Day 2019 working group has met several times in late 2018 to discuss the program of this upcoming event, to be held on Sunday, 5 May 2019 at the Aotea Centre in Auckland, New Zealand. The event will follow from the NBPSA Rational Prescribing Workshop being held on the Saturday, and will flow into the RACP Congress which will be held at the same venue Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 May 2019. A joint dinner of the NBPSA and Chapter members will be held on the evening of Saturday, 4 May 2019, venue yet to be confirmed. Further information about the Chapter Satellite Day 2019 will be circulated to members early in 2019 via the PCHD newsletter, Pot-pourri; registration for the Satellite Day is via the RACP Congress website.

Policy & Advocacy

The CCCHC provided feedback on the following consultations:

  • Inquiry into the My Health Record system
  • Doctors for the Environment Australia Children Health Initiative
  • Strategic Directions for Australian Maternity Services (consultation paper 2 draft submissions)
  • Professional Online Communities (RACP survey)

Chapter Chat

2018 saw one edition of Chapter Chat, which was circulated to Chapter members in October – see October 2018 edition. We intend to produce two editions l in 2019, one in each half of the year. A new Chapter Chat Editor joined the team in October – you can read the introduction to Dr Manina Pathak in the October edition. Any articles or ideas for Chapter Chat content should be sent to The first edition for 2019 is planned for April.


Advanced Trainees in CCH in 2018

Total number of CCH Advanced Trainees: 176

  • 137 are dual trainees
  • 32 are Post Fellowship trainees
  • 7 are training in CCH Advanced Training only


The 2019-20 CCH Advanced Training Handbook is available on the CCH webpage. The main updates to the 2019-20 handbook include:

  • Updates to the following training requirement names:
    • Non- clinical activities will be referred to as “child population health activities”
    • Program of Excellence will be referred to as “CCH Educational Tutorial Series”
  • There are in-depth definitions of the core and non-core requirements for CCH training to provide clarity for trainees and supervisors on the CCH requirements

Useful links

Links to useful information regarding the CCCHC are provided below for your information

Finally, your feedback and queries in relation to the Chapter are always welcomed.  Please get in touch at

Dr Chris Pearson
Chair, Chapter of Community Child Health

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