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RACP Quarterly December 2018/January 2019
  • Federal Government responds to silicosis emergency
  • A public health emergency – Sounding the alarm on the health impacts of climate change in Australia
  • Asthma and the dangers of overprescribing antibiotics
  • Canberra cancer experts enhancing care in the Solomon Islands


Recent RACP Quarterly editions

RACP Quarterly September/October 2018

  • International Medical Symposium – a meeting of like minds
  • ‘Smokefree by 2025’ looking unlikely for New Zealand
  • Contributing globally, building capacity and improving health outcomes
  • Funding making a difference locally and abroad

RACP Quarterly June/July 2018 

  • Clinical ethics under a lens
  • Setting the pass mark for RACP Examinations
  • What artificial intelligence can (and can't) do
  • OTP pathway: Encouraging diversity in practice for Australia and New Zealand

RACP Quarterly March/April 2018 

  • Flu in focus – vaccination shortcomings
  • Could saliva be the main driver of gonorrhoea transmission?
  • Why young people are worrying more about mental health
  • Careers in regional communities: Fellow perspectives

RACP Quarterly December 2017/January 2018 

  • A physician in the loop - artificial intelligence and big data
  • Are our children addicted to screens?
  • Real-world datasets key to improving multiple sclerosis treatments
  • Horse riding, music therapy and stroke rehabilitation

RACP Quarterly September/October 2017

  • Significant strides for genomics in Australia
  • A journey in search of child health
  • Heart health on wheels
  • Setting sights on prevention: from common cold to heart attack

RACP Quarterly June/July 2017

  • Let's talk about mental illness
  • Understanding variation in ADHD across Australia
  • Artificial arms have feelings too
  • What were you thinking? Cognitive bias and diagnosis

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