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Digital health resources have been developed and curated to assist Fellows and trainees to better understand digital health initiatives, including My Health Record, and provide opportunities for further learning and professional development.

Development of these resources has been in collaboration with the Australian Digital Health Agency, who are responsible for the delivery of Australia's National Digital Health Strategy. The Strategy's key pillars include driving innovation, education and workforce development, enhanced models of care, interoperability and data quality, medicines safety, My Health Record and secure messaging.

ADHA Digital Health Specialist Toolkit

Secure messaging | Telehealth | My Health Record | Policy and advocacy

Secure messaging — connecting you to better healthcare

Safety and Quality Benefits of Secure MessagingThe need for healthcare providers to connect to each other safely and securely is greater than ever. Secure messaging is an efficient and timely method for sending and receiving clinical information, which minimises the burden of paper and manual processes. An increased uptake of secure messaging improves continuity of care for patients, saves time and can help protect vital health information.

The Safety and Quality Benefits of Secure Messaging (PDF) review has been derived from a review undertaken by the clinical safety program conducted by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, on behalf of the Australian Digital Health Agency.


Telehealth and electronic prescriptions

Telehealth services enable patients to receive quality care closer to home via telecommunication technology, improving access to specialist healthcare for people in regional communities and reducing the need to travel for specialist advice.

Technology is poised to further help Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic through electronic prescriptions that will allow people convenient access to their medicines to people practising social distancing and self-isolation.

8 April 2020 | Presented by Vandana Chandnani – Manager Provider Adoption, Australian Digital Health Agency and Georgie Haysom – Head of Research, Education & Advocacy, Avant Mutual.

Telehealth Guidelines and Practical Tips (PDF) | RACP

Electronic prescriptions for prescribers | Australian Digital Health Agency

My Health Record

Best practice guide

The RACP My Health Record: Best Practice Guide (PDF) helps physicians in private practice and rural and remote settings implement and use the My Health Record (MHR) system. The guide outlines:

  • registration and connection guidance
  • policy and procedures, including current regulatory obligations and requirements
  • systems security and access requirements, including a password policy
  • staff training guidelines, including staff agreement procedures and access templates

System Security and Access Policy Template (DOC)
Managing User Accounts Policy and Register (DOC)
Data Breach Incident Register and Log Template (DOC)
Data Breach Notification Form Template (DOC)
Staff Training Register (DOC)

Part one | The prerequisites for registration
Part two | Registering and connecting

Optimising patient care

This presentation covers how to get the most from MHR, including key clinical information available, connections including pathology services, diagnostic imaging providers, participating hospitals, resources and support for those in private practice and hospitals.

9 March 2021 | Presented by the Australian Digital Health Agency's Briana Meawad – Provider Adoption Lead and Dr Kathy Rainbird – Senior Provider Adoption Lead.

The future of digital health in Australia

A presentation on Australia's National Digital Health Strategy priorities, including MHR within clinical information software and updates on conformance, the benefits of incorporating the records into your clinical workflow and aspects of secure messaging, and security obligations.

9 May 2020 | Presented by the Australian Digital Health Agency's Vandana Chandnani – Manager Provider Adoption and April Burnett – Adoption and Clinical Use Lead.

Presentation slides: The future of digital health in Australia (PDF) | Australian Digital Health Agency

My Health Record System Security and Access Policy template (DOC) | Use this template to guide staff and contractors on how to access and use the MHR system. The template addresses the legislative requirements for health provider organisations to have a written policy in place.

Using the My Health Record system | Australian Digital Health Agency

RACP Curated Collection: My Health Record Physician Toolkit

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