Transition into retirement

Fellows who are approaching retirement may be considering what opportunities are available, whether it be a new challenge or the ability to give back to the health sector.

Opportunities in retirement

4 May 2019 | Insightful speakers came together to develop a thought-provoking program on the endless range of opportunities available for those approaching retirement.

Program snapshot:

  • Undertaking a PhD – Associate Professor Lynda Campbell FRCPA
  • Teaching and Mentoring – Associate Professor Mark Yates FRACP
  • Research – Associate Professor Des Parkin FRACP FRCPA
  • Volunteering Overseas – Associate Professor Noel Bayley FRACP
  • Medical Management – Associate Professor Bruce Waxman FRACS
  • Writing a Book – Mr Brian Collopy FRACS

Pomegranate Health podcast | Ep 22 – Transitions to Retirement

30 March 2017 | The episode looks at one of the biggest steps in a physician’s career: retirement. It’s common to avoid thinking about retirement, and the idea can sometimes come as a shock – professionally, personally, or financially. This month, we speak with physicians both in and out of retirement, as well as two psychiatrists whose research focuses on medical professionals’ identity.


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